Killingworth, Connecticut

I went to a neighbors house under the disguise that it was for a business meeting. He wanted my opinion since I am a Certified Public Accountant.

I had asked him what it was about so I could do some research. He said that he would rather not since he wanted me to be level headed about the proposal. After two minutes of hearing the BS come from the recruiter's mouth I knew that this was a scam. I was pissed that I even came to this meeting and I told my neighbor that I was upset since I stayed for the 45 minute presentation.

I couldn't wait for it to be over so I could leave.

This ACN is a scam with a legimate pitch. Stay away from people that try to get you to come to their homes for a business opportunity.

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You are a looser how come people making money it expanded to 28 countries


Been in ACN 10.5 years, it has done great things for my family and I have built one of the biggest organizations in the Asia Pacific and have changed live for countless families. It's hard work, but what isnt. In my time ACN has increased the compensation 18 times and I am securing my childrens future, I can walk away now and my business grows every month and I keep getting paid, but it is to much fun, that will never happen.


As a CPA and a CFO the comments above really surprise me. Add to what the CPA above missed.

Even if ACN isn't your cup of tea. The key word used above is legitimate!! As a legitimate home business it affords you a ton of tax deductions. That fact alone should have made the CPA recommend his friend jump into the business.

By join and doing a little direct marketing business the average person would reduce their tax bill by $2-10K a year. So even if you are not for ACN you need to find another Direct marking business to start. You taxes are paying you to find success in one of them.

Personally I think ACN is the best at what they do and they have a proven track record of making success at the level you want to achieve.

ex: tax deductions you get by joining ACN

25% of your home expenses

.56 for ever mile you drive

$6000 to very child between the age 6-26

vacations/business trips 1/2 your entertainment meals and many more

@CPA clearing the air

I just hope the IRS finds out who you really are, audits you, and shares your "advice" with your State Accountancy Board... People - check this bogus info out for yourself on the IRS website, before you end up getting an audit.

The "tax deductions" referenced either show inaccurate rates, or don't exist for this type of business - all of them... But let's give this person the benefit on the "proven track record" they cite - just show us the proof ...

we are holding our breath (not!)... Meanwhile, ask yourself why someone in this company would post something like this.....


@francesca I felt sorry for you,probably you dont even know what a pyramid is at least its meaning.Do yourself a favor,educate yourself research ACN properly.The greatest opportunity there is on planet earth.People succeed because they follow the system just like when follow your job rules and regulations.However in your job you cannot talk back or else if you do you get fired.I rather stick with ACN at least i own my own business.I am the Boss!!!sorry if you dont see the opportunity.


to you acn is a scam,i did not suckered my family and friends in my business in fact most of them did not help me.I dont really care if they do or not because i am determine to succeed and how about you?probably you were born breach position thats why your head is upside down.Let me tell you I have a 6 figure income a year and im still doing ACN you know why?3 words!unlimited income potential!im here in this pissedconsumer inorder to educate people like you.


@IBO from ct on November 11, 2012, why are you on pissed consumer reading about ACN and not cashing your 300% check!! ACN IS A SCAM.

How many family/friends have you suckered in to this SCAM. How much are the suits making on the Family/friends you suckered in?

Only so much can go around lets face it the services have to be paid somehow. ACN IS A SCAM


I just read your post and was really surprised. I have some of ACN services and am saving money.

If saving money on switching services is a scam, then I've been scammed! And I kind of like it. I do know that people in higher positions (suits) are making money off of me. What business isn't making money off of me.

Isn't that how business works? Somebody makes money.


ACN is words to describe it..the greatest opportunity I ever stumbled upon.If you are still deciding stop and start your own business just follow the system and there will be check coming monthly in your mailbox whether you like it or not!!!!just got my residual it has 300Percent increase.If you are new with ACN get your 50points immediately and ask your upline for any guidance or questions.Learn your compensation plan very well.Good luck!!!




Went to a meeting or training is what they call it training on what got all the cheer leading from these clowns every time they would talk the sheep in the crowd would clap.

So why dont they wont you to tell people that attend the at home meetings what the business is about. Because they will run like ***.

If these clowns get 50 people at there *** meeting or as they call it training 50x 500 is 25,000 dollars and this *** goes on seven days a week in cities every where in buildings homes .

Trump is a paid celebrity or actor he would sell his dog if he could or daughter for a buck.

This piece of *** ruined my friends company .

Savoy stained glass in portland was a small buiness making stained glass for high end home Bill Gates people with money.

Trump finds them and wants glass for the trump in atlanta orders over a million dollars worth of glass and dosent pay the bill claims chapter 11 .All the people there lose there jobs company folds owner loses his home liens are filled .

And Trump walks away with the material.

And these sheep trust him look fools again paid actor to endorse the product.

Also why would you buy a *** video phone when you can skype for free.

Even the dumbest red neck can buy one for 25.oo dollars huck it up and bingo free image of your local fools.


ACN works for me,I'm only 18 months in it.Instead of crying and complaining on the internet JUST DO IT THE RIGHT WAY!And good luck. :)


hi everyone. i just join them.

acn. its true they want you to recruit and promiseing bonuses. i'v called all my freinds and family to help me out.

theyed all hang up the phone on me or say they don't have wife is going nuts about this and put me on this page to don't do this acn. i am worried about not getting ppl so i can get paid.please help me out here.i wan to make extra money but 499 bucks just came out of my pocket..


Pondering, My advice to you is to try and get your customer points up to 50 as soon as possible. For some it might take months, others a year and others 2 years.

Try to show the services one on one and professionally like taking them through the website. Talking in group mentality may see group negativity as they see you are trying something different to the so called norm. Always ask the certain questions you want answered to ACN itself and keep calling them every time you need help.

I now have 48 points myself and have another 2 points coming on board soon and it's taken me just on 12 months.

I really think you need to go through this growth journey to see the success. Once you've done it, you know all the obstacles, the emotions and you can help others succeed.


I went to a meeting tonight with zero intentions of getting involved in a pyramid. but, after listening to MY FAMILY.. and looking the checks they have received in the past two months and seeing their "back office" of their company. And not to mention that The Donald himself endorses this company and had them on his TV show. I am sold on doing this, but I have to decide whether I can afford to risk $499. But, I have also worked in a home based direct sales business selling jewelry. these companies work.. but you have to work your business. the money doesn't just come in the mail. it's not a get rich quick system. but it is a system that could change the lives of many americans who need a little hope right now. Whether it be saving money on their basic every day items or saving their life by giving them a chance to make a little money or make a lot of money. it is your company! the sky is the limit. so, it can be a scam, if you invest money and don't do anything about it and think you can then just get rich! this is for people who really need it or want it! it's about helping others! Because when you are helping others make money, you will make money as well. It's also not a typical pyramid, because the person under you can fly right past you in moving up in the different levels. just like in ANY home based direct selling company. Jewelry, makeup, purses. I won't mention any names. So, there are pros and cons, but if you feel like you can help your friends and family save money, then it will help you too. And just wait for the energy to kick in.

Now, I still haven't decided if I am going to get in. But, i have other things on my plate. like full time student, full time night shift job and a million other things. but, i really feel as though, this may be just what i have been praying for and needing!

any more advice is definitely accepted.


I just attended a meeting for a business opportunity. First of all I already have a national company.

I have not decided if I want to get involved. I have always thought of these things the same way I thought of the AMWAY business. I wasn't interested. However, these types of comments only get posted from people who don't read what they sign, or don't bother to ask questions.

I get this stuff on my other company from people who don't feel the need to read, or always want tons of things for free, and when they don't get exactly what they want, they try to ruin your name by going on boards like this. So to me, I see a lot of comments from people who probably didn't read some of the things they signed, and one person who represents ACN.

I am still researching, thus is how I found this. Every company has some bozo who gets mad and starts a complaint chain because they didn't hold up their end of the bargain.


I don't have a complaint about ACN yet, I was told by my friend who is with ACN to try it. It seems like a better deal than I have now.

I've tried Shaw, Bell, Fido, and now Telus, and I've had complaints for each one of those! Thus all the changing.

I guess I have nothing to lose. If they are bad, I guess they will be out of my list as well, but hopefully this is not the case.

Thanks for the reviews (I've checked out other reviews for other company's as well, and I don't know, they all seem to be only complaints, so doesn't help me much).


Most of these complaints are entirely baseless claims made by people who have no knowledge of the business. ACN is a very profitable company that has existed for almost two decades and features HAPPY customers in more than 20 countries.

ACN is about much more than the video phone. ACN has more than a dozen kinds of products and services, many of which are best in class. There is nothing scammy or dishonest about any of this. It is simply smart and savvy consumerism on the part of the customer.

I have had a lot of success doing this for my customers, and as I said before, they are thrilled with their service.

Are there ever problems or complaints? Sure, every company has problems (just look around this site!), but ACN does a great job of remedying the legitimate problems in a timely fashion.


acn is a super bull *** company.....dont ever risk of attending the *** presentations where they never reveal their actual business, instead they try to hypnotize u with their presentation skillz....they r snakes nothin else, they have prices of electricity, gas , water heater, security which are much higher than the market rate , that a normal human being is using on a daily basis....they ask u to misguide other people by taking their services and promising them that they will save money on it, while signing them up for 5 yr contacts and they end up paying thousands of dollars extra for nothing just to help u out and u get next to negligible amt on their is a complete pyramid scam.....plz dont do it


I think that MattR is paid to surf and contest all negative comments about ACN since he seems to have a comment regarding every single complain against ACN.

MattR, the "business model" of ACN is multi level marketing. It is great for those that have nothing else to do or focus on.

What I see as the problem as to why there are so many complaints is ACN tries to enroll people that are already successful in what they do.

When they realize what the "business model" is and why it doesn't work for them, ACN holds a very non-consumer friendly contract. If ACN and their reps were honest from the get go, you wouldn't be so busy defending ACN from the complaints.

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