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Hello! I am reporting from Cleveland, Ohio and I was introduced to the ACN opportunity by my girlfriends parents, Corey and Tonya Anderson. I visited their home at Thanksgiving to meet the family and I was floored by their lifestyle. They lived in a large house with a winding driveway, and were the proud owners of a maserati and three mercedes benz's. I was blown away! At dinner I asked what they did for a living and they told me they have their own business through ACN and have been in the company since the late nineties. I had heard of acn but didn't have a positive or negative opinion about it simply because I didn't know what it entailed. Fast forward to mid December...I attended a presentation and signed up on the spot. It made sense. So I did it. This is coming from a guy who planted 20k into his own real estate investment/wholesaling business. I had an idea of how much businesses cost to start and as such...$399.00 (They lowered the price, I keep seeing 500) seemed like a small investment to make. I figured that, at the very least, I would do what it takes to make my initial investment back.

So the first thing they had me do was sign up for this assistant. It is 39.99 a month. I was skeptical. Only because I was under the impression that I was done spending my own money...Mrs. Anderson said those dangerous words...."Just trust me." I figured that my girlfriends mom wouldnt scam me so I took a deep breath and signed it up...Then she asked me to sign up my cell phone too! To the tune of 100 dollars...I was very irritated. I was spending money and I felt like they were not upfront about the costs....but nevertheless. I was in now and continued with the process. She explained that the easiest way to attract customers was to be a customer yourself, and that these services would count towards a 400 dollar bonus that can be earned by signing up at least 6 services with two of which being tv or home security. I figured eh why not and just did what she said.

Acn relies on warm marketing, IE family and friends. Cool. So after learning about the products and things of that nature...I began pursuing customers. I started with my mother. We signed up her gas and electric accounts and she wound up saving money. We then called my grandfather, and the same thing occurred...he experienced savings. We then moved into other services, with my grandad taking advantage of a 2 year fixed rate contract with dish that beat his current directv bill. So far...I was very happy with ACN.

Since I signed up a couple services and a TV service...I earned a check for $247 dollars about 2 weeks in. I was pretty excited actually...I had made money when others told me I would not. It was proof that this crazy thing works. So with that validation, I continued with the process. I went out. Got more customers. and soon I had gotten 25 customers and had been awarded ETT. In under 30 days, just making a couple calls, and posting things on facebook and instagram I was able to get my 400 dollars back plus an extra 200 dollars for becoming an Executive team trainer so fast.

My mentor then laid a surprise on me...If I can manage to get promoted to executive team leader with 75 customers by my 60th day I can earn 1000 dollars. Being that I had acquired 25 on my own I figured...hmmmm I can do this but...I should probably focus on the second aspect of ACN: Team building/recruiting. And thus I went to work. Inviting people, calling people etc....and within a week I had recruited two team members...One was my girlfriend who decided she wanted to join her family'a business, the other was a coworker who was just annoyed by our current place of employment. And with that...we went to work. And as a result I was promoted to ETL by my 45th day in the business. On top of that I helped my girlfriend receive her first promotion and 400 dollar bonus by recruiting 2 others. She now has teams growing in Ohio and Pennsylvania. My coworker, followed my lead and closed 25 deals by herself to get promoted and pick up her 400 dollar bonus. She has also recruited one new team member and has expanded my organization to Florida. As of today we as a team have 124 customers and have all had a return on our initial investment. February 17th marked 60 days in the business for me. I am quite happy with how things have gone and I am very glad I got involved.

I realize there are a lot of shady reps and businesses out there. But I can assure you, the business works its just the people that don't. The products sell themselves so I have never had to even discuss pricing. And other than gas, electric, and cellphone service...customers have to sign up over the phone with a trained representative and provide an IBO number....prior to sign up these companies provide a full disclosure of the terms and conditions associated with the product in question. As for the Gas, electric, and cellphone services...The disclosures are available to the customer before a person says "yes" and as a result there should be no surprises in prices, charges, fees, etc.

So in short...Some of these horror stories are a bit mind boggling to me and I can only come to a few conclusions.

1) "The rep lied about the pricing and service" You did not research the service and terms prior to purchase and you had a less than reputable IBO who took advantage of that.

2)"ACN IS A CLASSIC SCAM I LOST THOUSANDS" You're either exaggerating or you did the business for so long that your 39.99 a month for your business assistant really added up.

3) "ACN RUINED MY FAMILY/FRIENDSHIP" As I read the stories like this I see the attitude of the people who wrote them...ACN did not ruin your friendship. You did. Ask yourself, when you told your friend/family member that you weren't interested in ACN...did you do it tactfully? Or did you yell at them, berate them, make fun of them for falling into a scheme, and in no way look to support them? ACN or otherwise...starting your own business is difficult. Its even harder when your own family is telling you to give up and go get a job. Members of my family thought I was crazy for my real estate venture until the checks started coming in. But it did hurt my feelings that a lot of them did not want to support me at all, and that I had to break away from them. You don't have to join ACN but at the least...try being diplomatic when you turn the person down.

Anyway, That's it for me. I enjoyed typing my review. Hopefully My experience will motivate someone to give it a shot. In short, I am happy with my experiences, My bills have been cut in half. I have extra money coming in, and a growing team that is helping my income grow. With this momentum I will likely quit my job by December at the latest and be one hundred percent committed to my business ventures.

If you wish to contact me with questions this is my Linkedin account

I can also be contacted via the contact info on my website

Enjoy your day everyone.

Product or Service Mentioned: Acn Phone Service.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

ACN Cons: Mlm, Follow up.

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I was IBO with ACN, never again will I I ever join ACN!! I have lost alot of money and made me so angry for all the hard work I put into, lost thru this ACN business.


in 2013 I went to one of their big Conferences in Los me they all seemed like Fake actors trying to pull people in... HUGE RED FLAG....DONALD TRUMP ENDORSES , Sponsors and PROFITS from this company!!!


this very "review" is a scam. it was presented as a bad review and then devolved into a infomercial for his "success".

and as always it showcases the material benefits of success stories but never the true meat of what that all entails. as usual, the only real achievements are felt by those at the top of the pyramid and everyone else at the bottom is eaten alive with nickel and dime fees.


I think it's self-explanatory that this person ended up stop working at this pyramid scam *** hole just by the fact that both links provided no longer work. What a joke. ACN is a scam.


ACN is for bottom feeding scam artist do your own due diligence and you will clearly see this for what it is .... A mlm company willing to scam others into screwing over their friends and family members. It's not about commitment it's about morals and principles, and those with the least will call out complainers for lack of commitment because they lack integrity.


All you guys complaining on here about, “I lost money, it’s a scam” just stop. Your on here to complain about something that you gave up on because you do t have the commitment to anything long enough until it works so you blame everything on everything else but yourself.

SMH! Pick your head up and go to work! I’m 22, I own a flooring business. Because I decided to make it work no matter what I have a residual of 2100 every month.

On top of bonus checks. Been in acn for 14 months.

Unlike most, I work until I make it work!! Hope you guys and look in the mirror and change your lives!


Wow, lying on a angry consumer group to drum up business . .

. that has to be a new low for you right ? . .

. .


I attend one of ACN meeting... Sound interesting but ACN been long time in it from the 90'S...

I'm guessing its kind of late for us to join ACN at the cost of 499$. They never mention about the 40$ a month fee so I skip it.


You dont think people lose thousands in this business?? your crazy.

I signed up for the business and also my wife, $500 each fee, switched cell service for almost twice as much as we currently pay, $29.99 unlimited talk/text and 6gb rollover data for Flash wireless $49.99 unlimited talk/text and 2gb data no rollover.

We are almost toward the end of our 30 day period and have not qualified for the bonuses.

Therefore, $1,100 down the drain for now.

And now we have to convince others to do the same..........Tell me this is not insane?


Hello I've been in 74 days I have 13 ibos and 91 customers.

I get checks every week now.

Everyone of my customers are saving money on energy. If our rates are higher than their utility then I don't sign them up.

Who Ever is telling people that they are paying double their monthly bills.

Is nuts.

Xoom Energy has beat the local utility 25 of the last 27months in my area.

I made etl in 28 days and got my 1000.00 bonus. Quit whining and go to work


What...a liar LMAO. Obvious that these ACN {{Redacted}} come out in mass spieling fake numbers like how they lie during their great spiel to recruit you. You've been brainwashed you moron.


You didn’t work very hard then lol


Lets just say, at the end of the day, the guy at the bottom loses.....there will be a lot at the bottom.....sorry to say........its no wonder the middle men strives to help out as much as possible so that the the bottom doesnt collapse.....therefor you will be at the bottom.....


Okay why I think you're a liar. You would never ask your girlfriend's parents at dinner the first time you meet them what they do for a living.

That's straight up Bologna. You were either recruited by them or this story is fabricated. I say it's fabricated.

No one has made money off this company since the late 90's when they were found out to be another pyramid scheme. If you are scamming your mom and poor old granddad, shame on you, but sounds like you fit right in with this company.


Sounds like an ACN plant


No I've been here 74 days and have made over two grand.

I will be a tc by December.

We have a guy with over 4000 customers in his down line after 2 years. You know how he does it? He actually works at it.


No one makes money? Really.

I personally know of 30 people making over 8,000 per month

Just in my market.

Keep spreading the garbage loser.

Google top mlm earners in the world.

#41 is in my market he only makes 260,000 a month And has made 81 millionaires in the last 12 years. Give back to your fast food job and quit bashing winners.


I make more than that and I do not even get out of bed. There is NO SUCH THING as easy money .

. this scheme relies on screwing others . . .

and the 99 percent who make nothing losing their monies and dropping out . . . it is a recruitment scam .

. .

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