I was lied to by one of their top RVP's. He needed another downline and just wanted to use my name and even though I had to use my card he would pay me back.

After I signed up he changed his tune and told me I needed to build my own business. I sent emails and tried contacting ACN to cancel within 24 hours of signing up. After almost 5 months of going back and forth with them they still refuse to cancel me and refund back my money. It was first their was no documentation within the 10 days.

Then they found the documentation and said that I emailed it and didn't fax and didn't follow their protocol. I then had to work with their compliance department to research and get their RVP on the phone. The RVP even told them to not keep my money - and yet they still refuse to cancel me and refund my money. ACN is a scam - they lie, they falsely advertise and there are no working products or services that they really offer.

Check it out - they can't even give you a phone plan on a new iPhone - it has to be a 4 or 4s. And I just came across the class action suite filed November 16 between Xoom and ACN. Their "next big thing" with power.

I say run - very fast. I'm still working on a refund and cancellation and all they keep doing is trying to get me to "work the business".

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $540.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

ACN Cons: Nightmare, Fraudulent company, Pyramid scheme, Compliance department is a joke, No customer service, Hard to contact, Their protocols keep changing.

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obviously if 499 is too much for you...

What you are doing ISN'T working.

I have friends who have dropped 10,000+ on businesses only to have some of them fail also.

Apparently it's all in the person running the business...

Several friends remarried one 4 times... I had to tell him... there IS a common denominator in all your marriages... YOU.

Don't knock the vehicle when you refuse to drive it right.

;) best of luck on your other endeavors... you just may need it.


Hey anonymous stop hating. Looks like the issue was resolved and the issue was never making it in the business or not it was a cancellation issue - I have a feeling you won't make it spreading around needless negativity in the world. Find a new hobby.



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