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ACN truly sucks! I have never experienced such a horrible experience with any service provider.

Their customer support is also rude and incompetent. I missed paying a bill and a couple of days later I received a very rude letter stating I was in serious default and my line would be cut and bill would be sent to a collection agency if not paid immediately! This was my first time being late and quite shocking to get such a letter. Large companies usually add your bill to the next month instead of these threats.

So,I called to confirm and the rude customer support stated they do not add bills to the next month and talked to me as though I had committed a capital crime. I cannot wait for the contract to end to get out!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

ACN Cons: Policies and customer service, Lack of support, Service.

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That's a lie. If your service provider is verizon and you don't pay your bill they just turn your service off and it affects you credit. Try it and find out for your self

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