Athens, Ohio

As we all are aware you don't necessarily have to be educated to be successful. In ACN the most important thing is to see the vision and believe in it.

If you understood how business's work, you would realize that your not paying an EMPLOYER your INVESTING in your business which all BUSINESS DEVELOPERS. Everyone is always trying to bash something that isn't common. You do realize that only 1% of the world collects residual income which is how you become wealthy for the rest of your life without slaving and working for a CEO in which you will never reach that position.

With ACN you can make it part your up-lines position. It's people like you that are the reason's why there are only a small amount that benefit from residuals

Reason of review: Good customer service.

ACN Pros: Wonderful exciting, Flash wireless, Profitable, Opportunity.

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If this poster actually though about the numbers here, they would realize how ridiculous the " ACN is for winners not quitters" statement is!!! Every quarter they cajole, beg, pound their Reps to fill seats at an amazing, life-changing, momentum-building event.

Yes, most of you have gotten the mails after two or three months of pounding everyone to sign-up for the next event - that they STILL have a seat reserved for you. After 23 years, hundreds, and hundreds of thousands of people have gone to these events.

Well, if there are SO MANY winners in ACN, and these events are key to that success, tell me why they can't fill the seats - out of the masses of previous attendees - as soon as tickets are available? Maybe, it's because so many Reps from this company quit???!!!!


Nice piece of review!!! As much as making money and becoming a winner.

Why don't you diversify and open a charity where you are also able to channel the money into meaningful means in helping poor people and also helping others who are struggling with ACN like subscription etc. then we know you're a winner.






Nonsense. ACN is an incredible opportunity for anyone who wants to truly build an asset for themselves.

If you understood this, and actually had a work ethic, youd realize how incredible this opportunity is for anyone who wanted it bad enough. Success doesnt happen overnight, and those that usually bash companies like ACN are those unwilling to do what it takes to have success.

There services not only are at a premier level, with top service providers around the globe, they offer both value and savings.

When the student is ready to learn, the teacher will appear.

Find a mentor. If not ACN, then find one for yourself.


Interesting post - at least what I could follow. If you actually had your own business, YOU would determine what the compensation plan pays - but you don't - do you?

If the co-founders decide to end THEIR comp plan, which they have the right to do (read the comp plan!) you get NOTHING! If you had your own business, you would determine who your vendors are, but you don't - do you? CEO of a business - not hardly...

Sales Rep on commission is more accurate, and those jobs are all over - and you don't have to pay anyone to get them. Do yourself a favor and learn a little about business before offering opinions that are not realistic...


And please for the salvation of your soul (if you're a Christian ) stop saying that their a "good christian company " i've watched all their videos and no where EVER do they mention our God or how he sent his only son who died for OUR sins and rose from the grave 3 days later , or how live like a cristian. Real God fearing christians would be glorifing Jesus and know all the money they make IS NOT THEIRS!


And believe you me, I proudly served my country for 4 yrs with tours in places you've probably only seen on t.v. and let me tell you something NOTHING makes you more of a driven go getter where i will win at all costs then when its your life and the guys to your left and rights.

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