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written in a moment of frustration and regretted afterward. Unfortunately this site doesn't allow you to remove review or your account.

My fault for not looking closely enough. Not impressed either with a website that requires a notarized letter to delete a review and won't let you delete your account.

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A good friend with a good heart has been totally taken in by ACN. I have no interest in joining ACN or in signing up for Planet Energy.

Unfortunately, her sponsors have her bombarding me and I'm sure all her friends to join. It is beyond ridiculous. Constant emails and calls to go to meetings and to sign up. I have stated several times no as I've done my research and looked at pricing, etc.

but it hasn't stopped her as I'm sure she believes the hype. They must tell them at meetings to not take no for an answer.

While I recognize she thinks she is helping me, it has actually made me anti ACN.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

ACN Cons: Pushiness and small print in contracts.

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It hurts my feelings losing friends to acn. They turn into different people if you don't join them and pursue acn.


They say learn to take no for an answer but they don't and after I had to tell this dude no five times cause I don't want their *** phone service that's when they will guilt you with phrases like "I thought you were my friend?" Or some other script. *** can. I want my $400.


Same here

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