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ACN works when you work. People are quick to blame ACN for their own problems.

People who don't do well in ACN, don't try hard enough, they are looking for the get rich quick. To make money in anything you have to work for it! Nobody is going to give you something for nothing. Quit blaming ACN for your failure!

People will never stop using the services ACN sponsors.

Not just ACN products but other name brand products such as Verizon, Dish Network, Spint, DirecTV, Energy companies in 13 states now, AT&T Uverse and alot more.

ACN rocks!

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Maybe ACN would have work if my leader wasn't so awful! Acn should really make sure that they have actual good honest decent people as their reps. Mine was the opposite.


Yay! to Larry.

Thanks for making that clear!!!!

People don't have to build their own team, they can just sell products and if they don't want to sell ACN Products there are many more to choose from.

Many people have become so cynical and lazy, it is really sad. Here's to the ones who are giving ACN a chance and are not afraid to work.


No, ACN is definitely a type of pyramid scheme. Unless you can get many levels of people to join under you and let ACN screw them out of $500 too, you cannot even make your money back.

As with any pyramid, lots of people at the bottom, a few at the top= most get screwed, a few at the top see income and keep chirping about it as "proof" "anyone" can win.

lol Learn math... and geometry people..


Duh. It takes WORK and there are several ways to MAKE money in ACN.

1st is savings on your OWN bills 128$ a month in my case saves me 1536$ -499 = 1037$ FIRST YEAR SAVINGS.

2nd is personal bonus back, in my case at the LOWEST level 1% is 16$

So with JUST myself AND one customer THIS FIRST YEAR I am better off by $1053.00 (even with the license fee)


NEXT year will be $1553 better then last year.

Additionally if I find 5 additional customers per service with "the strive for 5" I will essentially have my cellphone, internet, tv and possibly power cost FREE As far as a business and making money, YES ACN is viable and more then that it is Probable as EVERYONE uses wireless and power... every day.

Problem is the thinking people have been conditioned to believe... good luck.


People play the lottery all the time, but they don't get all bent out of shape when they don't win. ACN is a viable opportunity to build a sustainable residual income.

The problem with most folks is, at the first sign of actual work, they quit.

Kind of like when people join a gym, go for a week & then stop. 6 months later they're blaming the gym for the reason they're still out of shape.

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