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Visit It shows you what the company is doing to obey consumer laws and create an honest work ethic among its independent representatives (IRs). This is part of what people just learning about ACN need to understand. You are in business for yourself, but not by yourself. (At least, that is how is is set up!) You receive checks and you are responsible for paying income taxes on the income. Keep track of expenses to deduct them. Just like a regular business.

The $499 goes to support the infrastructure which supports the IRs. This includes: customer support (the IRs customers), representative support (where we get ??s answered) product development (new and better video phone, vp interactivity with other phones, etc.), marketing materials, opening up new markets in new countries (like South Korea recently) working with companies to bring additional services to our product line, like natural gas in Canada, (and soon energy will be deregulated in the US), plus further services ACN provides its IRs.

The most important job an IR has when they join is to make sure they are ready to change their life. Get up early and go to bed late. (For swhile at least"”that is how any great business begins!) Read the materials, listen to CDs and watch videos of successful people to learn how to move forward with YOUR business. Most of the teams of IRs have top leaders (producers) which have their own websites to share their information for FREE. ( for one) You do not have to buy any marketing tool ever, if you don't want to, or go to a meeting ever, if you don't want to. Let's ask this though, when you are a professional and working for a prominent company, whether it is as a firefighter, doctor, lawyer, CPA, etc., don't you have ongoing training? Don't you have to keep learning and getting better at your job? None of us were born knowing what a particular job, or ACN needs of us, so you need to learn. Just as you would need to continue your education to improve your performance at any other job of your choice. Beauty of working with ACN is, you decide when and where and with whom you will learn.

Spend time with the person who got you in the business and if they do not have the drive you need to propel you forward find the Team Trainer or Executive Team Trainer, or Executive Team Trainer or Team Coordinator above them to find the person who will train you and give you what you need to succeed.

My point is this, you get out of ACN what you put in. It is YOUR BUSINESS. Maybe you feel as a salesman, for providing these services to friends, family and new acquaintances, you should get a commission or a salary. Well, it wouldn't be YOUR BUSINESS then, would it? AND you would be limited by what THEY CHOOSE to pay you.

With ACN, they have taken out all the speed bumps. You are not the one who has to do all the legal work to have VerizonWireless, AllTel, Sprint, AT&T, T-Mobile, Dish Network, DirecTV, ADT and more give you the right to directly market their services and make RESIDUAL income. (you are like the kiosk at the mall, Best Buy, or any other retailer, but better! You get residual income!)

Do you realize the potential this has? An actor or author does their job once and gets paid forever royalties/residuals everytime the project is played/printed on TV, DVD, CD, Paper, etc.

As long as an IR does their due diligence to match customers with their services and procedures in switching them over, there should be no problem. IRs need to understand the services and how they work. It would be like going to the grocery store in a cultural market place different from yours and buying stuff that looks good to you and taking it home and your mom or wife looks at it and has difficulty in figuring out what to do with it.

Match services with customers' needs, have them call you if they have a problem, if you can't answer it have them call the ACN Customer Service number. Make them happy and they will stay with you.

Attitude and how you treat people will be the biggest part of whether you make it in ACN or any business for that matter. When all around us is digital and cold, relationships and good customer service is what will win the day in ANY BUSINESS!!!

Why do you think Donald Trump wanted to buy ACN? Because he saw a business model which was successful at EVERY LEVEL! Including for the new IR! So much so he not only endorses ACN, but went and bought a direct marketing business of his own to develop.

But, most of all, I see how this is changing the lives of my friends and family and how those on my team are growing and becoming better people. More caring. Sharing their time and skills with those around them. My husband and I are Mac Techs and we help our team figure out their needs. They share their skills with us. We spur on each other to good works.

I am sorry for those who have had a bad experience. Or those who did not have good trainers and leaders. If you are still in good standing with ACN and the person who got you in is not helping you, go up the ladder and find someone who is just tearing it up and stick to them like glue. They will teach you. Their success is your success. ACN is not for just a chosen few. It is for the few which choose to make a difference in their own lives.

I'm interested in how it goes!

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Do you people think that by posting negative irrational beliefs will stop many from joining?? Most things posted here are a joke.

If you can't handle people saying no, you probably aren't cut out to be in business for yourself so do yourself a favour and continue living week to week Just Out of Broke.

If you believe ACN is a Scam, ask yourself Why have I come to believe that? Do a bunch of losers online posting a whole heap of junk and unfounded beliefs control my future?


"A fool and his money are soon parted"

"A sucker is born every minute"

These are the two founding principles behind the success of ACN. Everything else is a clever, 'legally' structured business model using even more clever word games. Ethical? Absolutely not. Do their tactics work and defy the consumer protection authorities? Yes. "You can't touch this". O.J. Simpson committed murder and his bank of lawyers successfully defended him.

Want a $500 dollar investment the touts the same dream but doesn't require you to swindle family, friends and gullible strangers, and actually funds community projects? Buy $500 worth of lottery tickets - about the same odds for success and a lot less work! And oh yeah, someone always wins too...who knows but next time it could be you. Ah limitless wealth and riches, here I come!

To coin ACN reps' favourite testemonial expression, joining ACN is "a no brainer". Go ahead. Make my day. Join ACN but please be sure to check your brain at the door and suspend all rational thinking. No brainer indeed.


Wake up people!!! Look at the dates of these posts, how old they are, and how far back they go.

That means the people you would recruit would have been reading these comments for the last several YEARS! Too much bad press, and it's only getting worse. The word is out on the web, ACN SUCKS!

Nobody is joining them anyway hardly, especially not after reading all the bad press online. Don't join ACN and get out now if you are already in!


I am a member of ACN in CT and was so glad to see this post! People put out their oppinions without knowing anything about the company.

When I went through my training, they stressed to us that we would NOT get rich over night or maybe not at all! But we possibly could earn some extra money and lower our bills!I saved 130.00 a month just on my local long distance! We have had nothing but good things to say about this company!

I encourage anyone who is interested in becoming a customer or a REP to find a rep to help them with any questions they have! Good luck and remember you get what you put into it!


Maritza, we are very pleased to see that you are considering the ACN team. We welcome you to read more about our company on the official website and blog, but also recommend that you speak with an official ACN representative in your area. We hope that you find ACN to be a good match!


i am thinking about becoming a ACN Rep but i am not sure still can you help me out? i need to know if i really will make money and tell how exactly how to be successful w ACN? thank you soooo much :)


the misconception of acn is that most people get into it thinking they will get rich overnite. this is a business u get out of it wut u put into it.

success depends on you. anyone intrested in any type of network marketing should know the only way to achieve success is by the effort u put forth.


WOW!!!!! Tara, this is by far the best post anyone has posted online concerning the Amazing company we are involved with.

I am an ETT in FL and I have read several posts from disgruntled customers and former reps. and I REALLY WISH that everyone who has ever tried ACN services or the opportunity or anyone that is thinking of joining our business would read your post. I dont think that the message could have been put any better. When you are in ACN you are not an employee, you are a Business Owner; so if you want to earn a big paycheck do the work that coincides with what you want to earn.

People complain too much and expect too much when they are not willing to work enough.

Thanks for your awesome words and setting everyone straight about our company. Godbless you, your family and your business.



Make sure you have a rep above you willing to be there to hold your hand. My upline is willing to fly to FL from IN for me to have a 1 on 1 with a potential rep.

I also told my potential rep that I am also willing to fly to FL to help her out anytime. I have heard many stories from the most successful SVP (Senior Vice Presidents) and RVP (Regional vice Presidents) that you have to be there for the new reps and walk them through the process....repeatedly. Like the original poster stated "We are in business for ourselves, not by ourselves". If you need more information or are considering joining, let me know.

you can find out if there are local meeting in your area whch offer the training and support you might need. It is suggested you attend them whenever possible


Your review is the only thing I've found that reaches out to those who want to hear more about what's involved in succeeding and not just how much the top earners are making.I haven't signed up, yet. I live in a small rural community.

Denver is the closest metro area; 180 miles east. I heard about ACN from my daughter, who heard about it from a co-worker. They live a 1000 miles away, west.

Any suggestions on the best way to start under these conditions? Thank you-----

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