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The phones are misrepresented. The videophone is last century's technology and it doesn't work very well if at all.

The service is disgusting. You need to be on constant guard to ensure that you are not overcharged by thousands of dollars.

The videophone does not have the functionality that you are told that it has and the company refuses to either upgrade your phone or allow you to return it for a refund. In my opinion the whole ACN experience is a scam and I am bewildered why the ACCC, various Departments of Fair Trading etc allow this company to continue operating.

Product or Service Mentioned: Acn Phone Service.

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We love my new video phones. Yes, I had a few problems with my telephone at first.

I had to switch my internet provider. Now the connection is much better.

We'll never be billed for long distance charges again. I will pay only $29.00 a month and be able to see my love ones "face to face" from their telephones too.


Who the *** pays for videophone service?

You can get on the internet, right now and do free video chat through a number of services (Skype, Google Chat...)

It's clear that ACN's video service targets the incompetent portion of society.


The videophone, even if it worked perfectly for all customers, doesn't have much appeal. It has a handset with a cord, which is ten years behind the curve.

And it only can be fully utilized with other ACN videophones, which hardly anyone has. When you factor in that the product is faulty, inconsistent, and awkward to use, then it becomes clear that the videophone is just something ACN uses to show the powers that be that they are a not a pyramid scam.

But we all know they are. They have no real product or service of value.


Outdated? what has taken its place??? Vonage doesnt offer video service, your local phone co. charging $30+ mo. doesnt have a video phone, Comcast and others dont have a video phone.

Skype is terrible and unreliable. and the first smartphone with video phone just came out and is expensive and glitchy.

So why is it outdated? just pay the early termination fee like all tellecommunication equipment have and shut up.


I have taken more actions than just placing a comment on here. And have more planned.


I'm happy to see people are seeing this company for what they are!!! Get some common sense people! You're being played by ACN.


its sux


correction* stature... *** cell phone spell checks


It's really to bad that your incompetence has you doing nothing better then complaining online cause no one of real statue wants to hear it.

Love the phone! future technology for sure


i agree I love my video phone.....and i have no problems at all with it.


I happen to like my videophone. It works for me and is well worth the cost.

Have you checked to make sure your connection is right?

Sounds like you need to call their customer service people to get it fixed. The technology is great, I love it.

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