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My gawd, where do I start.

I know I know, I should have believed nothing would change with this company after what happened back in 2006, but that was Canada & this was the US, so I thought things would be different.

A month after I signed up for phone service with ACN in Toronto back in 2006, I dropped it b/c of poor customer service (they didn't know their blank from *** in the wall) & my rep just disappeared & ignored me.

Fast forward to 2010 & I am moving to Panama & I need a US number that will be crystal clear so I can run my business & call unlimited.

I didn't even think of ACN at first until I talked to an expat in Panama who was using the video phone & his line was CRYSTAL clear.

I was so happy at first that I found the solution as this was a stressor for me, how do I talk on the phone.

Anyway, at first I was going to sign up through this guy who sells headsets in the Toronto area, but when I started to ask him questions about all the features/limitations of ACN, he disappeared & refused to return my e-mails or calls. This is a foreshadowing of how I'm sure most ACN reps are. Remember what happened to me back in 2006. Oh & he also misinformed me telling me I HAD to have 3 MB upload.

Do you know how hard it is to get 3 MB upload??? Turns out almost a year later I find out he didn't know what he's talking about. You can run the adapter on 512 or 1 MB upload.

Then it takes me almost a month to find another ACN rep b/c they don't call themselves distributors, so every time I tried to search online with the keywords I was using, I couldn't find anyone.

Then finally after posting in forums & all over the place trying to find a rep, I found the right keywords & bamm, a whole bunch of distributors showed up.

I was in such a hurry as I was moving in less than a month & I needed the adapter FAST. So, I signed up with the first one who sounded normal & like he cared.

Turns out in the end he told me that he doesn't make any money off of lowly ACN adapter signups, he ONLY tries to sign up commercial accounts. So right away I'm thinking I'm going to have problems with him since he's only in it for the money & doesn't care about ALL his customers.

I have the adapter sent to him & then he charges me to send it to Canada, so I pay double shipping. Fine, I understand it's on me.

I get to Panama & I have problems with the clarity. I can never really hear what the other person is saying clearly & I don't know if it's the ISP here in Panama or what, b/c I'm renting rooms, so I don't have access to the modem, speeds, etc.

I finally get my own apartment so I can test the ACN on my own. It's slightly better, but I'm still having problems, but I deal with it thinking it's just Panama & I have no other choice.

Then I move into a house & this is when all *** breaks loose.

1. One thing I've noticed, is that I always get different responses from each of their tech support people.

2. I have problems with what I think is my router, as the ACN is acting as another router since it's now plugged directly into the modem. One day in Oct. my hosting company's server went down & once they got if fixed, I couldn't get my site in question back up.

Based on them saying it must be the router, I spent all night trying to fix the router & finally the site came up. I started to think I have to buy a new router as this one is pretty old, but I don't have the money yet.

3. Fast forward to Nov., again my hosting's server goes down & all of my sites AND e-mail go down. Once it comes back live, I once AGAIN can't see ANY of my sites and ANY of my e-mail. The only way I can, is when I plug directly into the modem & discount the router.

4. I call Cisco the next day to get tech support. This is after wasting about 6 hours of my time the night before trying to get it to work.

Within 5 minutes of getting a high level tech support person on the phone with me, she figured out it's NOT the router, it's the ACN adapter.

I was furious.

5. I called ACN & they troubleshot & also determined that the ACN could no longer be plugged directly into the modem, it had to be plugged into the router otherwise it wouldn't work.

6. I started to then have one drama after another with their staff. I had to call the techie guy back b/c my electricity went down & when I did, he was on the phone. I left a message & an hour later he still hadn't called me, so I called back & they said he was out.

7. I didn't want to have to repeat the ENTIRE story, so I said read the notes.

That's when this techie tells me he didn't leave detailed notes (found out later on he did). I said ok, what do we need to do here to fix this.

8. They decided that replacing the ACN adapter was best. It was at that point that the guy told me I would lose my phone line & I'm like WHAT??? No, I need a phone, wait until I get the new one THEN I'll send back the broken one. It still works, just not properly.

Then I asked to speak to a manager. He calms me down about me losing my phone line & tells me don't worry, we will take care of you.

9. I can't remember if it was him or someone else (I think it was another person) who created the order to do the exchange & when I got off the phone I was like... "why didn't he ask me for my address?"

I thought about it for a second & that's when I realized the ONLY address they had on file was that rep's who I bought the ACN from. I rushed to call them back (that took about 3 minutes no more). Neither the manager or the other guy was available to make the change, so I gave this other techie guy the address in Miami where it has to be sent & then it's forwarded to me in Panama.

I asked to have someone call me to confirm that it was sent out, but no one did & I forgot about them.

10. The next day I go out to run errands & when I come back, my phone doesn't work.

After seeing only 2 lights on it, I'm like WTH & I unplug the adapter 2-3 times before it dawns on me that THEY HAD DISCONNECTED MY PHONE LINE when they told me they wouldn't.

I am now freaking out. I can't run my business or talk to family or friends without a phone.

11. I have to go rush to buy a Magic Jack which is $55 & at the same time I am freaking out because I can't use the phone. I e-mailed my rep asking him to call them up & have them call my cell. He refuses to help me citing he doesn't have privileges LOL, yeh, come up with excuses why don't you.

CAN is sooo inept, they don't even have e-mail support or live chat support, so the ONLY way to contact them is through phone, but if your phone line is down….. Dahh, it takes brains people!!!

Yes I know they assume you can use your cell, but obviously for overseas people we can't.

The rep then disappears after I sent him an e-mail with my laundry list of issues I've had with ACN. That's the 3rd time now an ACN rep has disappeared.

I deal with a lot of MLM companies & this is just not normal.

12. I get Magic Jack up & running & then call & complain which is when I ALSO notice a confirmation e-mail that says the adapter has been shipped tooooooo.... Wait for it PEOPLE....

To California, NOT Florida!

13. I ask to speak to this manager Ian who is going to turn into a total *** eventually. He even admits he was the one that changed the address the night before after I left instructions, but he doesn't know why it didn't get changed.

Then he tells me (get a load of this), that maybe it will go to the right address, let's just wait & see.

LOL, I said NO, I'm not going to wait & see, find out NOW!

My gawd, talk about ***!

14. Of course as I already knew, he finds out that NO, it's still going to Irvine, CA, not FL.

He says they already gave me one month's credit & then another one for all my troubles, so they aren't going to reimburse me for my time & the cost of the Magic Jack which runs a lot more than $60.

Remember, I had been dealing with this for 48 hours with Cisco & me doing a ton of research online thinking this is a router issue. I didn't like Ian's robotic tone. There was no real emotion there & I just felt like he felt I was getting the world at 2 months credit. YES, 2 months is a fortune people!

In total by the time this drama is over (it's still not), I probably wasted over 24 hours of my time.

15. THEN while I'm on the phone with Ian, I tell him I can't get my router to work, so I have to plug my computer into the modem. I'm thinking to myself that there is NO WAY this is a coincidence, it has to have something to do with the ACN, but Ian says there's no way the ACN would stop the router from working, it's just a coincidence.

I ask to have his manager Guiseppi Nicita call me tomorrow as he wasn't around.

The minute I get off the phone with Ian, I go around to the back of my computer, unplug the ethernet cable from the router that is plugged into the ACN adapter that no longer has a phone line attached to it & WHALLA, the router suddenly starts working.

At this point if I hadn't already been thinking it, I was POSITIVE these guys there are complete *** They don't know what they are talking about.

16. The next day Guiseppi Nicita calls me & is very professional & nice. I spend about 1 - 1 1/2 hours with him on the phone with him being embarrassed & apologizing for his staff. Me asking why in the *** they don't allow customers to use the current device if it's still sort of working until the new one comes in. Why does ACN assume everyone has some other phone line when they pitch this as the MAIN line? Now that I know more about ACN, I can't believe they've been around this long & haven't dealt with this issue.

He also educates me on reasons why phone lines aren't clear. It's clear he knows a ton & most of the techies have no clue.

I get the impression they have a high turnover.

He gives me another month's credit.

In the meantime they had to rush to issue me another replacement so another day is wasted with me not having an ACN line, because it takes one more day to get to Miami.

17. I was told that I would receive a pre-paid box or packing slip or something, to ship the device back. I knew that I would have to pay to get the device from Panama to Miami. I figured I'd talk to Mailbox's Etc. & find out the price when I went to pick up the new one, as it has to be weighed.

18. Finally I get it this past Friday after having to deal with the terrible Magic Jack for a week plus.

Guess what....

NO PRE-PAID SLIP inside the box, & we both checked twice wasting MORE of my time. Now I'm upset, but at this point I'm not surprised at all the Fups. I will just have to waste more of my time dealing with this later on.

I find out that to ship it via Mailboxes Etc. it would be $45 & there's no way I'm paying that, so the other option would have to be me mailing it through the regular Panamanian post office registered which I've never done before, but hey, it's my responsibility. I guessed it would cost around $10-20. Something I'd have to pay out of my pocket.

19. I get home, call ACN to help me set up the new one. I tell the guy to tell Ian I got no packing slip.

I also asked the guy why the entire time my ACN was down & I got phone messages, I never received the e-mails telling me about the messages.

He puts in a report to engineering as he's baffled.

20. I don't hear from Ian.

21. Now it's Sunday & I come home & there's a message from a techie named Jeff & he gives me a case number re: the missing e-mails.

I call up & can't hear the techie, but he hears enough to say to me that this case number doesn't exist . Fup # 2,000.

I say I can't hear you over & over again & then I just tell him to have Ian call me.

22. Ian calls me right back & I don't get into the missing e-mails & case # issues, but I do state that I left him a message & he claims he tried to get in touch with me.

Ok, I didn't get any message from him.

Then I start asking about how I'm going to send the package back, as I tell him I'm not going send it through MBE. I told him how much I think the regular mail would probably cost, & then I just asked if instead of giving me the pre-paid shipping slip they could just reimburse me for the shipping from here.

I was also trying to brainstorm with him (I don't think he even knows what that word means), I also mentioned that I don't get how we would get the pre-paid slip on the box once it hits the US? I didn't know if MBE in Miami would do that, I'd have to check. I'm sure they would, but I wanted to be sure.

The next thing I know, Ian is once again robotically telling me they already gave me 3 months, they aren't going to give me anymore. I don't even think he understood a word I was saying, he just loves telling me I won't get any more credits.

Then he starts babbling about USPS & I have no idea what he's talking about since I was talking about PANAMA'S post office, nothing to do with USPS.

When it was clear he was being a *** & ***, I said I'll just speak to Guiseppi Nicita tomorrow.

23. I got off the phone & proceeded to write a detailed e-mail to Guiseppi Nicita explaining what had transpired.

I just don't understand why there are always problems with this company. One after another as you can see.

I sent the e-mail to Guiseppi & within 2 minutes I get a call from Ian again saying they will credit me the $45 (who asked for a credit for $45??? I told you Ian is an ***) BUT, (wait for it people…) I will NO LONGER get any more credits & he sounded very pleased with himself that he was telling me this.

It took me about 30 seconds for me to understand what he was saying.

So I asked…. "you mean to tell me if I have problems with ACN down the road, you won't issue me a credit, is that what you are telling me?" And he said YES.

I said FINE, I will finish up my contract & you are losing my business & I will be blogging about what happened. He said that's fine like he wanted to get rid of me.

It was clear Ian didn't care at all. I hung up on him.

It's also clear to me that Guiseppi Nicita is *** & has no clue how *** his staff is, & here I thought the guy was smart.

He clearly believed whatever this Ian guy told him instead of calling me & talking to me to get the truth.

I wrote him again telling him how shocked I was to be treated in this manner.

We'll see what happens tomorrow, but now I will be looking for ACN's replacement & I will be warning anyone who wants to use their service not to.

Product or Service Mentioned: Acn Phone Service.

Monetary Loss: $1.

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Get an effin life.

All you do is complain.

You can go cry to your momma


Instead of looking for rep, call acn in the country you live for any questions you have.. That is easier...

Acnrep is selling the product and company is getting the money as the rep is getting little commision. He is giving you the details before you buy the services and then you contact with the acn in the country you live so you can get your questions answered hopefully..


Do you know witch court in Miami is following cases against ACN, Inc?


Hmm, sounds like ACN employees. Who said my business isn't doing well?

Interesting, ACN employees come online to bash customers who have problems with them.

Uneducated? Who said I didn't pass HS dear?

This is the type of company ACN is. They get their employees to surf the net & bully customers.

You do realize you are cyber bullying right? But you probably don't know that means since bullies aren't very intelligent & always think their nastiness is warranted. Hide behind the monitor & bully, just shows how mature you are.

What a lovely company ACN is!



I started to get bored listening to you drown your sorrows on this forum, then I just came to the conclusion that not all people can handle life outside their parents. Half of the stuff you stated was completely off the wall it was pathetic.

I actually own an ACN digital phone. I personally love it, but then again I also graduated high school.... I'm really not trying to be mean, I understand your frustrated. Blame you educational background not the companies that send you the products you buy.

Hopefully you now have everything worked out and you "business" is thriving! All the best...


I started to get bored listening to you drown your sorrows on this forum, then I just came to the conclusion that not all people can handle life outside their parents. Half of the stuff you stated was completely off the wall it was pathetic.

I actually own an ACN digital phone. I personally love it, but then again I also graduated high school.... I'm really not trying to be mean, I understand your frustrated. Blame you educational background not the companies that send you the products you buy.

Hopefully you now have everything worked out and you "business" is thriving! All the best...


Good God,

You forgot to tell me you "took a breath" or ***. Get to the point - no wonder your business is *** - you spend too much time ***

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