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I hate to argue with all you ACN rep about how ACN isn't technically a pyramid scheme because it is a multi level marketing company because you guys are just so stoopid and it is very hard or even stoopid to argue with a stoopid person, but I think I have a way.

Here's How-->

Me: ACN is pyramid scheme

ACN Rep: Technically ACN isnt a pyramid scheme, it's a MLM because blah blah blah...more BS

Me: Your are right! ACN is an MLM.

[If you look up "MLM" in Wikipedia, it clearly defines: Other terms used for MLM include pyramid selling,network marketing,and referral marketing. Lol.]

I guess ACn reps are so educated that they are arguing with hard evidences and facts how ACN isn't a scheme, when in actuality they are proving that it is a pyramid scheme. Awkward.

That is why it is stoopid to argue with a stoopid person because you might just be arguing with someone who clearly knows it is a pyramid scheme but believes it to be an MLM, which is another word for pyramid scheme.


Most of the ACN reps will tried to lure you in and explain to you how they are not a pyramid scheme by drawing something like this:

@(only .001% of all ACN reps gets that $10,000 a month

residual income)

@ @

@ @ @ @(underlings sacrificing their $500 for the top)

I am not very good at art but that totally looks like a pyramid to me.


To all the dreamers:

Lastly, if you think about it. You are sacrificing $500 so that one day you can buy your dream(car, house, vacation). It is like playing the lottery, and the odds are stacked against you. I would suggest you enjoy that $500 you have worked so hard to save now and treat yourself to a small part of your dream. This will motivate you to work hard and eventually you will not have to dream anymore but live the dream.

Shame on you ACN for eating up our dreams

Monetary Loss: $500.

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Might be the ignorant and poorly ledgered review of all time.


Anybody who is thinking about joining ACN should first research Excel Communications

ACN is basically the new Excel Communications


They should also check out Fortune High Tech Marketing.


The comp plan for ACN is structured around recruiting people.


Sorry it's not. Comp plan structured around getting customers.

Just like any company. No customers = no money.

500 to join sure. But you don't need to spend 500 to be a customer.

A lot of customers after a long period of time = get rich slow. Not a get rich quick.

your argument is invalid.


So where do the bonuses come from? It's when a new rep gets their minimum points to become qualified does it not?


unfortunately for you, you are completely uneducated about network marketing and how business works.

You WILL be broke for the rest of your life. GOOD LUCK ***!!!!


lol anyone that really believes in this is so despreate you have not realized your getting scammed


Having my masters in business I can assure you.....

It is NOT a "scam."

There is no excuse for lack of education now and days. Period.

Library's, internet, youtube, student funding.

A JOB (to pay for school!!!)

Seriously though people... You don't even know the definition of a "pyramid scheme."


At da risk of soinding too stoopid, I readilee admit dat I maybe due knot no basik grama. Wat is impotant is dat I tink I no basik math.

I paved $499 to juin, I den swichhed 5 of my retnal homeses eelektricity to dee ACN cumpanee.

Den I savd $1063 inn jus my phirst munt. In wun yr, i wil dun sav $12,257!

i tink dat my $499 be well spent.

Eeven if nobody else wan'to juin unda'me, dee savins is purdee gud fo'mee alwedee.

i wil putt dat savins in dee banc den in a few yrs go git me a gud hoarse!!

@Carmelo Pieri

Wait until the initial discount ends. Your energy bill will be higher than your local provider.


The key to success in ACN is to find people below you who can recruit.


The key to success in ACN is to find below below you who can recruit.


I understand your argument, but please take a refresher course on basic grammar.


Was that necessary .... Really!


Hey stoopid, you sound like your poor and stoopid. Stay poor stoopid.

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