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This is the biggest bunch of *** ever!!!!My sister has been doing this for 2 years now and she finally bullied me into the best "satelite TV deal" that was offered by direct TV, come to find out that my neighbor got the same deal direct from DIRECT TV...only he was paying half the rate that I am for the same....same service....I am locked into 2 years...good grief...I will never NEVER NEVER...recommend that anyone buy any service from ACn and furthermore, I would never suggest anyone become a rep...the only time my family member calls is when they need "points" to make it to the next level....otherwise...they don't have time for us...kind of sad I miss them while they are out Drinking the Kool-aid.....

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Mike don't give up you can become a success an not only your family? Get out there Mike and do something about it??

become one of them get there services,and gain the points on you if you really understand it, You will bank!!!!

An maybe one day I will meet you at one of the big events the hold in the mainland,Im from Hawaii we are a small sate you have the the whole mainland to cover come on Mikey you can do it,Its all about mind set bradah!!!!! Aloha all the way from Hawaii!!!!


Sorry, you feel that way but after my last months check of $12,000. I have not had or heard 1 complaint in 8 months.

i suggest you before you let your sniffling whining *** emotions get the best of you. Do some actual research other than google and yahoo.


Stealing from your family!! Noting good can come from you getting rich off your family and friends.

@stealing from family

The internet is a bathroom wall and this person is writing on it. He probably lives in his mom's basement and has a grudge against the success his sister is having.


I was doing research about this company and I have read all of these comments and this is the conclusion I have come to. It is your job as a resposible "adult" that you research your options to make the right decision for you.

It is her job as a sales person to talk to you about signing up for her product because she gets paid. Sales/marketing 101! It is not ACN's fault that your product that you agreed to and signed up for was more expensive. Maybe at the time you signed up it was the cheapest deal beacause we all know as soon as you sign up for the all in one cell phone contract or cable contract that is super cheap a new one rolls out.

It is called life and it happens. However, your sister is trying to make money and support does not make her materialistic it makes her driven. Why is wanting more money bad?? Sounds to me like you should learn to say no and stop blaming her for your lack of research.

Every company has its downs and bad days but when it comes down to it IT IS A BUSINESS!!! The purpose of every business is to make money so if that is your biggest complaint then *** they are doing their job.


Well said..


Don't browbeat this guy for feeling ripped off - especially by a family member. ACN is clearly a pyramid marketing scam.

She got seduced by the idea and did what ACN told her to - "Build your network!" In your research did you figure out that ACN just ads a surcharge on existing services?

Did you also discover that "Reps" like this guy's sister have to pay $499 for the privilege of ripping off their friends, family, associated and (if they're lucky) strangers? What ACN is doing is ILLEGAL in a lot of countries and they're dancing right on the razor's edge everywhere else.

@I've seen this before...

you really should get your facts straight before you bad mouth an honest company that's reputable And proven. What are YOU doing for America's financial position?


Thank you for your comment and how true. someone like that always tries to blame someone else for their mistakes.

if they did their homework they would find out that ACN market's only reputable companies. but even major reputable companies have problems that still need to be ironed out.


ok now you have erased my original post all together. Are you serious,

It is almost like you are defending ACN. Look at all the support for ACN in this thread.

They should be embarrassed of having to defend their aweful service like this. Pathetic.


The savings going thru ACN vary depending on the package you get, higher discounts on the bigger packages. The discounts don't appear until you are on the checkout pages.

Matt R

Complete lie. DirecTV tells you on the line when you order that you are getting a deal they offer no where else. Why waste your time lying?


Some of the information posted here is inaccurate and confusing. It is pretty simple to go to ACN's services website and check the prices yourself on any of their products/services and compare them to your own current plans. If you find a better deal, great... if not, then no harm no foul.

ACN offers some of their own services, and other services go through another carrier (like you mentioned satellite TV). If some of those cost less and some cost the same (as other companies), then it sounds to me like no one is getting a bad deal. The original poster saying their neighbor pays half as much for the same package is extremely hard to believe.

I am looking at ACN's services website and the Dish website both right now to compare. Same exact pricing! $24.99 for basic package; $39.99 for 200 channel package. Same deals, offered from the same company.

If you are signing a contract for a service, take 30 seconds to check prices online. No one should be taken advantage of when all information is available with the quick click of a mouse.


It's a proven fact that ACN's dish services are no cheaper than what they are if you go to the provider directly. That only makes sense because how could ACN save you money, yet still pay the provider AND have room to payout commission bonuses all from the same contract?

Money doesn't appear out of nowhere. The reason the last poster was able to save money is probably because they bought some older, more expensive plan years ago and never bothered to negotiate a cheaper rate for themselves. It has nothing to do with ACN being any cheaper.

Btw, did that rep sign you up to be a rep too? lolz


The rep that sined me up sed i was paying to much and showed me BY GOD she was right im saving just over 700$ in two years that is so coooooooooooooool thank you A.C.N REP I LOVE HER.


ACN has been totally honest with me. I am using ACN for local and long distance as well as internet.

Both services have been great and less expensive. My internet speed went from 1.5 to 7 mb and I pay less. ACN offers an amazing amount of training and support. One of the problems is that reps don't always take advantage of this.

Just like any bussiness there is a right and wrong way of doing things. Some of my family has subscibed to services and some have not. My relationships have remained unchanged. My family members that have joined the bussiness with me like it and are making money just like me.

As a teacher, coach and community volunteer I have expierienced much more untrustworthy money hungry liars in our own state and federal programs than at ACN. Almost every company shows you there lowest basic rate and then offers other features at a higher rate. Acn walks you through the process and makes you aware of the options before you order just like direct tv dish, quest etc. Americans need more opportunities like ACN.

How many offers have you had in the last 6 months to join a worldwide company and make money in the field of technology? People from all walks of life and all levels of education are making money like I am through ACN without damaging relationships or having to feel guilty about selling under false pretences. If reps will be themselves and get the correct information before trying to go out and sell they will be doing everyone a big favor including ACN.

ACN is legit and not going anywhere but up. I am so glad I found this opportunity for myself and family.



I consider myself an honest person who raised a daughter on my own for 18 years. ACN saved my life.

I believe in working hard for your $ and not scamming or misleading people. I have gotten where I am in ACN by honest hard work and never took advantage of anyone. I am honest about the prices and if I can't save people money, I don't change their services. With ANY business, there are some with integrity who do it properly and those who are money hungry jerks who don't have a conscience.

The bad ones certainly make us look bad also. Just know that I have come by my earnings honestly, it's not the companies fault that some people are greedy.

I also know that some reps have lost their status with ACN for not following the guidelines, but here again, ACN is not a 24/7 monitor of reps. They do the best they can.


That's probably the worst of all the things ACN does--destroying families. Stealing people's money, that's one thing.

Wasting people's time, that's another. But creating division and tension among families over this scam, that is truly a tragedy. I've personally seen couples broken up over this scam. Husbands and wives have almost gotten divorced over it.

Sibblings no longer talk to each other because of it. But ACN just tells you that all those people are losers cuz they didn't join. I would wonder how they sleep at night were it not for the fact that souless robots don't require sleep.

I think they just lay there in bed all night staring at the donald trump video as it repeats over and over again. Then when sunrise hits they get up and start scamming people again.


3 things:

Confront your sister and tell her your feelings ad tell her your not going to support her in the future

Buyer beware, for comparison why didnt you go to direct tv website and see the deals they offer, you share some of the responsibilty on the price.

Ask to see your neigbors bill, people aggsagarte their actual cost on thing on purpose or bad memory, i have found ACN to be about the same price on Direct TV.

if you really overpaid is it ACN problem?


If administration ***'d my comments should at least mark it as such. I did not use profanity or anything else that needed censorship. If it was a tech glitch, please disregard.

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