Boulder, Colorado

We have had the service for almost 2 years. It was the phone and internet.

In April there were several problems with my internet going down. I called and told them this problem was happening frequently and it was getting worse and worse. This problem started happening a month after we signed up for the service but it would only go down a couple of time a month. I talked to customer service and they sent me back to my DSL provider and told me it was their fault.

I called my DSL provided or where the servers were maintained and they told me everything was fine. I called ACN back and they finally agreed to send a technician to the house. When the technician came, he asked what internet service we had and I told him ACN. His response was they are terrible.

Made me feel great, NOT! Well after he left, it worked for about a week and then the same problem showed up again. I called this time and was not too happy. I run an internet business and am now loosing customers.

Well I finally talked them into taking off 1/2 a months charges and they did something at their end and it fixed the problem until July. Same problem again. I called again and this time I was pretty upset. Told the the same problems and their response was; "you only have i month left on your contract".

Then they told me it could be my modem which just went out of warranty and I would have to purchase a new one. Not at all what I would consider satisfactory service! I went round and round with them finally filing with the BBB. They called me the exact day the response was due to the BBB and told me they would credit me for two months service only to tell the BBB in their response that they would only waive the 200 dollar fee for early termination of my contract.

Of course I sent my comments back to the BBB telling them to get the recorded phone conversations I had with them. They are rude and have terrible service. Don't try to work with this company, you will be sadly disappointed. I give them 3 F's and would never recommend anyone to them.

If they keep this up, they won't stay in business long. I was also told I should be getting 6.5 meg service and they just couldn't figure out why I had 1.5 meg.

Guess what, the 6.5 meg was never brought up again. Worst company I have ever delt with!

Product or Service Mentioned: Acn Internet Service.

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I am an ACN IBO. All of these complaints perplex me. I have not experienced any of the issues that you all talk about. It seems to me that the issue may be with the unethical IBO's that got you all to a meeting. Yes, it is easy to pressure and start to feel desperate if you don't know what you are doing.

If you opened a pizza shop with $50,000 and didn't work the business the right way getting customers, having quality food, etc, it will close. It has happened two separate times to the same pizza shop where I live. We see this all the time. Most traditional businesses are not profitable for the first 5 years and some never get beyond "breaking even". Heck, McDonalds and those big time sure-fire businesses require a minimum of $500K - $750K liquid cash to make sure you are able to pay bills because even they know you will not be profitable for the first several years after investing $1.2M in their "scam." At McDonalds training after buying a franchise they say that most of the stores make about $250K a year on average. The most profitable stores make $2-3M/yr and the owners never leave the place.

A Cricket franchise costs $100,000 just to open the doors. How many years will it take to sell enough phones and accessories to recoup that $100,000 investment? Cricket even says be prepared to work very hard to make good money.

Come on people, the real problem is that you all think that you can start a business and make a fortune over night. Not gonna happen. Business owners understand the power of leverage in this business and they are the ones that have the aptitude to make the business work. Those that are employees and have employee vision are the ones that should stay away from this business.

I was told when I joined that I needed to have a 3-5 year commitment to see this thing ***. Never did I expect this to work overnight or even in 6 months.

My last point is that yes, Trump endorses the company. Yes, he has failed numerous times and re-built his wealth several times. Love him or hate him he is smart with money. Taking risks in business is what is so hard about being a successful business owner. Robert Kiyosaki invented the nylon and velcro wallet and he made many millions only to lose it all. He rebuilt and lost it all again several times. Now he is stable and having no issues.

If you stay in the business and actually WORK the business, give it 3-5 years and tell me what happened after.

Take care all.


"Yes, he has failed numerous times and re-built his wealth several times." This is being smart with money?


Acn is a scam. I hope you let everyone that you speak to know how you were scammed and by who so that no others will be scammed by this PONZI SCHEME company.

Repackaged services should have been your first clue you were being scammed.

People do your research before signing anything. Report to your attorney general, also the Acn CAN NOT DO BUSINESS IS LOTS OF STATES BECAUSE IT IS A PONZI SCHEME


Have been recruited to be an IBO for ACN- and I feel like I've been asked to join a cult. Thankfully I declined. Wish you all the very best- and I will keep my eyes open for a class-action suit, or for FBI/Fraud investigations.



I'm an acn Ibo, have been one since May 2012, I'm now and ETL and starting to get paid.

It's a business you need to grow it, Plenty of training and support from my team, both up and down lines.

Dave N

I was actually planning on joining ACN as an IBO, but after reading about their *** products and customer service, I'm staying away from these guys. There's no point in making someone else rich, while ripping off your family and friends.

Thanks for posting these complaints and helping me save $500. Sorry that you had to learn the hard way about this pyramid scheme.


:( I'm with You All Tell me About it ive been i ya shoes. We all need to get together so we can file a law sue on ACN.....

Me My Mother And Father As Well Had Fell On The Hands Of Awful Crime Negoiciation....

We've been scammed and frauded they told use we were going to get bonus point for each person we tried but nothing and also they haved told use that we have to do a 2 year contract with phone lines direct....... etc i understand your concernes we all needa get togetha so we can file a law sue and get our money back..

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