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I purchased 3 cell phones with service through ACN. I was told I had a 30 satisfaction guarantee.

The problem started when I couldn't get my bill (it was "erroneously" sent to a wrong address.) Ironically, my bill arrived 32 days later (2 days past the guarantee period) and was for over $500!! I immediately cancelled the phone service.

Imagine my surprise when ACN then took an additional $800 from the credit card I used to pay the original shipping fees.I was told (after Numerous calls) that because I was past my 30 day guarantee window, I was charged $800 for early cancellation!! ACN is a ripoff that uses stall and delay tactics to suck every penny they can from you..STAY AWAY FROM ACN!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Acn Phone Service.

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levesque c

jais recu une fature juste mon telephone jais pas recu aucune facture de mon internet est on me fait des menace aux telephone comme dequois que jai pas payier je ne peut pas payier des facture que je ne vois pas jaimerai quon menvoi mes facture sure mon site internet pour que je puisse vous payier je ne veux plus que vous payier avec ma carte de credit si jai pas de vos nouvelle bien to je vais metre fin a mon contre jatemp de vos nouvelle aussitto que posible merci christian levesque


Another ACN customer getting ripped off, if ACN CALLS YOU OR KNOCKS ON YOUR DOOR RUN LIKE ***. If anyone ever says " I HAVE A PRODUCT THAT'S GOING TO CHANGE YOUR LIFE FOREVER, Run like ***.


I am a rep and I use many services obtainable through ACN. Our family has 4 cell phones, videophone, landline service, DirecTV, and ADT.

My office has phone service and a wireless air card from Sprint. Everything has run smoothly. Customer service has been good.

Saving money on phone service. Got my Droid Incredible for $39.99....

All is good!


ACN is not graded on how many independent reps make money. ACN is graded on the satisfaction of its customer base.

I think you are confused.

The BBB doesn't care if you couldn't *** the job. Wake up!


It is very Ridiculous that a company like ACN could have a BBB rating of A, yet 98% of their reps end up losing money. If 19 out of 20 people got food poisoining at a fast food chain, do you think the BBB would give them a poor rating?

Of course! So why do they give such a high rating to an investment blackhole like ACN? The answer is simple. The BBB is a bureucratic organization that ACN knows how to play like a fiddle.

They quickly resolve any complaints through the BBB system, eventhough the complaintant is still completely disatisfied. That was what got me too. I figured if it had an A+ rating then that means it's legit.

But all I found out was it's a legitimate scam. I lost over a grand in two months in ACN!


Absolutely ridiculous how the internet has become like a bathroom stall at the neighborhood bar. Anyone can write anything!!

If you are researching a business have the common sense to check it out with the Better Business Bureau & Direct Sellers Association (for MLM's). Going to sights like this you will not get accurate information.

You can never tell if a business competition is purposely writing bad things about another company...just a bad way to do research. The BBB will know of legitimate complaints.....just sayin'


ACN doesn't send you a bill for wireless service. ACN sells you the phone.

That's it! You need to call the service provider.

You're blaming the wrong people. ACN has nothing to do with your bill.

Your IQ must be very low if you can't understand that ACN does not send phone bills.


it never made any sense to me that an MLM, chooses not to learn from the classic inherant problems of previous MLM's. You cant sell a company, unless you sell the product first.

The Companies reputation will always be based aroung the quality, efficiecy, and reliability of the products and services they offer.

AN Mlm is an excellent marketing idea. Its always the best way to ensure the incentive that everyone gets a piece of the pie. But: even Donald Trump knows that MLM's won't work if they refuse to make the necessary corrections that Got MLM's a bad rep in the first place.

But from what I've seen He's not interested in a company that is effecient and honorable, just one that rakes in a ton of cash. It really is insulting.


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Thanks for writing this Mgullatte, good to know.


I don't think your complaint makes much sense. You say ACN uses stall and delay tactics on sending you your bill, but then it turns out AT&T sent your bill.

Then one of the 2 companies charged you early termination fees on each phone.... ummm, for terminating early?

How is that surprising? Call each company and ask them to waive the early termination fees.


That is EXACTLY what happened..your assurance that ACN would never do anything of this nature is way off base. Anyone that wants the proof can email me at and I will gladly show you the invoices.

While the $500 bill was AT&T (and they worked with me to correct the bill and generously offered a settlement agreement and then agreed to allow me to cancel the service agreement), ACN charged AND REMOVED the additional $800 from my account as an early termination fee.

I confirmed with my bank that ACN was the one that took the fee and then confirmed with AT&T that they did not do it. SHAME ON ACN and SHAME ON ANYONE TRYING TO DEFEND THIS POOR BUSINESS PRACTICE OF LEGALIZED THEFT


Mgullatte, I can assure you that ACN would never do anything of this nature. Without knowing where you reside, I cannot provide specific information on your situation, but what I do know is that with Wireless service the billing and customer support are actually executed by the major carrier (Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, Nextel or T-Mobile if you are in the United States), not ACN.

ACN would not receive a penny of the early termination fee; the major carrier collects the fee. In fact, we hate to see this happen because it means that we lose a referred customer.

If you suspect that your bill is incorrect, please contact the wireless provider to get more information. These carriers are great partners, so I am sure that they can help you resolve the situation.

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