Summit, New Jersey

In July 2008 my husband and I attended a home meeting about the "acn way". We immediately joined.

Sounded "to good to be true". It is now October 23rd 2008 and our very own services are so screwed up and the answers we get from customer service are weak for investing the money we have already. No straight answers, numerous hours on end after our full time jobs on the phone with customer service. How can you feel comfortable recommending ACN to family and friends?

Just a warning for anyone looking to get involved. If is sounds to good to be true...

it usually is!

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So far ACN is exactly what they say they are! Read the fine print!

Follow the rules!

They have a more stringent code of ETHICS

than I have ever seen in a DIRECT MARKETING COMPANY!!! It's like life itself...

You only get out of it what YOU put into it! I'M GOING TO BE RICH!!!


ACN is like any other business. If you treat it like one.

I have been in business for myself for 30 years. I have had bad customers, bad jobs and product problems. When you are in business you work it out if you want to stay in business. For the investment and the product available ACN is a very good opportunity for a person who is willing to treat it as a business.

Like the businesses I was in there are those who scam and lie and fill you with BS. But the business was not bad the people were.

That is a constant in this world. I find that in network marketing those who fail to put in the time and dedication to succeed in the business need to find an excuse for their failure.


it is a scam do not join them with their do have to recruit people .


I can get no real answer to why they charge you $499 to sign up...


i g everyday to acn meeting . I always get one *** home .

ACN *** is the best in market but now lot of mixed *** around for sale. bring them , sell them and then do doggy style.


It's just another form of AMWAY. They sucker you in and take your money....tell you how great it is.

If you decide you want to back out, you can expect on losing a couple hundred the small print. You only have a 3 day grace period on the phone and you don't even have the phone yet to know what you are getting.

SCAM SCAM SCAM.....If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is!

How much do you think Donald Trump is getting paid to endorse the company???


And wait till you sign up.. they wil call you no more ..especially if you have problems with their service...


I have someone who I know, not really a friend who never called me before. All of a sudden, i am getting at least 2-3 calls a week from him wanting me to go to an ACN Meeting. I don't want to be that annoying person doing the phone calls to "friends." If that is being part of the ACN family, then count me out.

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