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I was told to go to a "meeting" of some sort for a friend of mine. Not knowing what his true intention was I went and met some nice people, but it became some sort of business meeting. I was stuck and couldn't leave and they were teaching and explaining what ACN is and how it works. It sounded really good! Well that's what they made it seem like. At first I felt nervous because I had no idea what was going on and I had never work or been in a business before! I went broke in debt -500 dollars. Vowing not to do it again. Life happened and struggles came and ACN once again popped up in life because I had to go to my friend's "thing." It got making me thinking and these people seem more professional than the others. I was so tempted by money and pressured by my struggles I was actually considering it, but I didn't though. Come on when you hear pyramid scheme you just want to run away!!! Though I did come up with another opportunity here down the link below.


I'm cautious when it comes to business and on the lookout after being in debt. I believe this could help you if you're wanting a TRUSTED business and make business for yourself other than a scheme. Trying it out and exploring at it won't cost a thing. Best regards J.T

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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hey Mate, firstly, remember you have the total control of your finance, in just every situation. You went broke for only $500 and you complained that was becuase of your friend or this business company?

Who decided to pay to $500 bucks? Please take the responsibility for your action and decision.

Secondly, if this business was a pyramid scheme, how could they be the contractor for the biggest providers not just in Australia but other 24 countries around the world, and still expanding? if this business was a pyramid scheme, how can this company be here for 22 years?

Please all who are reading this, use your logical mind, do your own research. Think about if you are reading from a person who is playing as a victim and complain, or if you want to have a complete research not only with a 2nd hand info on google, but 1st info from people who are actually in the business or the customer who are using their services.

Dear readers, don't get in the situation later to say to your friends who introduced you with ACN that they were lucky to have made money and be able to quit their JOB because of this residual income or say a self sustainable system. You were given the chance to become part of this business because your friends cared for you.

Do not become someone who is easily be influnced by other complainers or victims' review, do you own research by actually get out of your house and talk to real people, and experience real stuff!

get over of your fear! do something about it if you want see the possibility to change your life with this true residual income - a real possibility to live in a true freedom of live in time, wealth, choices and security.

do let let this pass by so easily!

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