Mission, Texas
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I was invited to a "vip meeting" about a month ago. I asked what the meeting was about and the girl didnt wanna explain through the phone, she just gave me the address.

It turned out it was a home meeting which was pretty weird. They asked for $500 in order to become a member. I didnt understand why they would ask for such a large amount of money! Thats ridiculous!

Ofcourse i did not have the money at that time. I have bills, car payment, insurance, phone, college, books, gas, etc. and im only 19 years old. Where would i get that money from that same night?

So for the past month this girl has been insisting me to get in..and i understand the more people she has under her name, the more she gets payed. I have seen her snapchats about her showing off her ACN checks and their a little under $200! What a dissapointment! I work at whataburger and get just a little under $300, ofcourse its a fast food restaurant i dont expect much, but from this ACN company saying such amazing things i was expecting larger checks.

At the meeting the main person was saying we were gonna get $2000 a week.

That is not true! Dont believe these people!

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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If $500 dollars is a lot of money to you to invest in a business you Suck lmao

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