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How wrong you are for robbing your kids great future. Just came out of a convention where I met people from five different countries all doing great financially.

I signed up and all in, there is lots of hard work and disappointment, I hope your son overcome the great one you cause him and keep plowing through like many people I got to meet today. No one asked me to buy any product, but if I have a business I want to show case it, so I switched my cell to flash using T-Mobile network and will change a few services that I am already paying for, so I may as well get paid on top, and by the way, I'm this close to get my cell service for free. It's a no brainer, but you have to have one to begin with....

And lots of passion in your guts. To the warrior that got wunded by his father, press on brother, run really fast and let the nay sayers admire your dust!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Acn Mobile Phone Service.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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How wrong to rob anyone of a great future.... a great thought and I agree!!

But what makes you think the people you met really are doing great??? You can find out a lot by finding your local county recorder website, and putting in the name of the people that makes these income and related claims. Do you know if they have judgments or liens filed against them?? Do you know if they actually own the houses and cars you see pictures of?

Do you know what their annual income is? Do you know if their ACN income is enough to even pay their bills?

And do you know what the average person earns in this business?? Check it out for yourself!!


Horrible interneta its *** dont sign up ever . My dad got suvkered into this

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