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Call them up and see what it's all about don't give anybody your info just like that! I don't about you but if I could save $5 on my light bill I would look into it!

We go to stores and get $3 off with coupons and we are happy. Why not save every month and in some cases more because if you have a fixed rate and rates go up, then you'll be saving more than $5. Acn is affiliated with Xoom energy company which is an esco company and if you are in ny area and you look at the back of your bill chances are that you are already with an esco company and did not know it! The difference is that those esco companies don't have a fixed rate like Acn and therefore most months you are actually paying more money.

This is just my opinion from some research that I have been doing myself. You control your pockets and make your own decisions, "a dollar saved is a dollar earned" it doesn't cost anything to make the switch but the savings are there. Ps I checked my current rate with that of Xoom and currently Xoom energy is lower so it makes sense for me right now since my *** edison rates are already low and I can keep it that way with Xoom energy. If I can save 9mths out of 12mths I'm ahead of the game.

If you join Acn and you get 10 people to become your electric customers like they are asking you to be with similar mthly bills it pays for your electric mthly as long as their avg is equal to yours, if not then you only have to pay the difference, which is def less than the whole bill!

I think it's a pretty good concept as long as everyone is saving. Just my opinion!

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My electric bill is higher with Xoom Energy. I will need to look elsewhere to lower bill.

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