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Signed up as IBO in the Fall , my biggest issue with ACN is that they are more committed and concerned about people spending the $500 to join and get services which in many locales are not as good as local services and with higher pricing and not as good contracts. I switched to Direct TV from Comcast , higher pricing my family likes COMCAST so much better but stuck for 2 years and I only did it to get my points.

I wanted to cold call Companies to sell energy products in the states that are deregulated to comparisons for them and ACN will not allow it! They want more IBO's vs customers and this is WRONG...

be very very wary before you sign up with ACN.. do your homework!

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If you would of stuck with it then you would of been successful! When I joined Acn I ran into trouble just like you did and I wanted to quit.

But I kept going and then I struck gold. I found out more about the company and learned to talk to people better. And OUR MAIN concern is not new IBO'S it's trying to make happy customers. The only way we make money is if we help our customers save money.

You should of stuck with it. No body got anywhere by giving up.


You don't need to sign up with the services if you are already happy with your current services. You should have done your homework before becoming an IBO.

It is not a make money overnight business and you have to be dedicated like any other business that you become a part of. I agree it is not for everyone but the services I have received are perfect for me, my family and my friends.

Don't listen to all the negative when there is positive results from this business.




John Smith, I found it interesting reading your narrow minded beliefs and incorrect statements. "If MLM was so spectacular everybody would join" That comment shows how little you know about humans.

Entrepeneurs with work ethic, drive and ambition understand it and get it. Pyramid schemes are illegal and there is a big difference between a Pyramid scheme and an MLM company. Illegal Pyramid schemes are shut down immediately (and some even hide behind products). In MLM everybody is able to make a profit if they aquire customers.

How hard is it to go and get some customers? For some it is easy, for others they need to work on their personal development and for others again no one really likes them and may never like them if they don't change - what hope would they have. 99% of people fail...haha if anyone believed that, they would be ***. Go and do some credible homework on direct selling and you will find out there is a lot more success than you think.

Fail to see the light... that comment just shows more narrow mindedness, a complete paradox


Wow, Dennis you sure get around defending ACN. Again, that whole spelling/grammar issue really makes me think you should take your old English teacher out and flog her.

Honestly, I believe it is you that should have finished school, or at least have had the common sense to go to a better one. Plain and simple, ACN is a pyramid scheme. Yeah, yeah, I know, no it's not. It's an MLM as defined by the FTC, but only because an MLM offers products, and it is a very, very fine line they are treading.

It's really simple math that Emmaberg figured out, albeit a little too late. ACN is a pyramid scheme that is driven primarily by getting new people to sign up. Period. Think about this, if MLM's were so darned spectacular, and well, profitable, everyone in America would be a member of one.

If MLM's were so darned successful, then 99% of all who join wouldn't fail.

Do yourself a favor and add some common sense to the sugar laced Kool Aid ACN's given you. Then, stop attacking people who have seen the light you fail to see.


I thought they offered Comcast?


This guy should do his training before write *** things like this.

you get accredited to Zoom ,and you can sell energy in any state that deregulated energy.

Please don't listen to lazy people who open a business and expect the money to come in without even knowing how to open the front door..

its not fair to the ones that work hard and to the most amazing company on .

This company didn't ask him if he finished school ,so he can just go back and actually finis it.


This guy has no clue how do this business/

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