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My friend told be about a company called ACN and that they're offering oppertunitied to make a huge amount if money, I told him I'm not interested but he constantly was harrasing me with messages. So, I decided to attend the 1 on 1meeting he told me to go to.

The recruiter told me all about what ACN is doig, I was not sure about joining and needed time to think about it. But, the guy insisted I should sign up straight away and pay a fee of £395. I told them I'll come back the next day, so I could think about it. I made my mind up that evening that I wouldn't join.

As soon as my friend heard about it, he continuously harrased me, saying that I'm missing a big oppertunity to earn and that I'm not worth talking to anymore. I sat in one of their classes and the way they taught people, was disgusting. My friend used their technique to try and force me to join and I've still got how that conversation went on my phone. He told me I wasted their time and that I'm money hungry.

How am I money hungry if he's the one who's so desperate to sign up so he could get paid? In that one to one session they taught the new recruits what to do if somekne is refusing to join, the recruiter said, "You'd be worth nothing without ACN" and told them to say "I've got no time to spare for someone useless like yourself". They're all disgusting people. In my opinion, I don't think anyone should join this dirty cult as it destroys relationshios with family and friends.

The only way you can make money is to force your friends or family into paying £395 and signing them up, which I think is a disgrace.

You'll also have to switch over everything in your home, such as internet, gad and electricity and buy their products in order to get promoted, you'll also have to do the same for cousins or friends. I wish I could show everyone the conversation I had with this reckless ACN rep.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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