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I read the whole thing, and I believe it isn'tforsome people and it is for others. It's not a get rich quick thing and it is a lot of work.I'm in it just for the means of motivation.

I have my masters degree and I love my job, but on order to go anywhere else, I would need my doctorate. I don't want to get my doctorate. Anyway, I used the services for 2 years from a friend, never tried to recruit me. I just had my direct TV and energy through him.

( I saved on the fixed rate plan, I know people complain about it, but I saved). All the money you put into it, the trips, the fees, whatever.they are all tax deductions. Unless you pay $0 in taxes, you will get it all back. A can write off a portion of my bills, mortgage, etc now that I use a portion of my home for this business.

If I fly across country to see my grandparents, if I get one customer, or just talk about it with people to see if I can save them money, my air fare is now a tax deduction. I make the system work for me. I don't make money at it yet, but the people are very motivated people to be around. I see it more as a way to network and I do save friends and loved ones money on services they use everyday.

I don't push them down people's throats. Perhaps the way our group works here in upstate NY, they are very supportive and I have seen them encourage people to get out before the cancellation period is up. If they feel they aren't going to make their investment back, they let them know. Maybe I got lucky with my group.

I am an extremely ethical and educated person. I have my own othet business on the side which brings in good money too. It's not for everyone, I'm not saying you're lazy if it doesn't work for you. College isn't for everyone either.

NBD but saying this doesn't work our it's a scam, that's like saying College is a scam... I know some people think that is too, but it works for some people and not for others.

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I am amazed that an educated person, with a Masters degree no less, would make this statement : "All the money you put into it, the trips, the fees, whatever.they are all tax deductions. Unless you pay $0 in taxes, you will get it all back..." .

For any of you out there that have received this advice, from this person or anyone else in this company, you have been misled - you will NOT "get it all back".

Business deductions don't work that way, and please don't take my word for it - you can run this past your accountant, or call the IRS and get the skinny for free. If you do speak with the IRS, you may want to report this person before someone takes their advice, gets audited and has to pay a big fine and penalty.


Not to mention all the grammatical errors... Must have got his Masters from an unaccredited online college scam.


It depemds on if you have income or not for a *** no you will not benefit from a tax break. Trump saves thousands of $$ in tax breaks he works adn make a lot of money.

My first year in have in a Pizza business that I opened for $30K, and maxed my credit cards out to get equipment. ( $499 is inexpensive to have a business!) I was paid but the federal government $6k on my taexes, so yes it does pay and to me that is BIG pay! I paid $1,000 in taxes adn got $7,000 (In a check) back you do the math. By the way an accountant does not give *** about saving you money I would advise you to learn how to do your own taxes!!

Unless your not intelligent enough ti is difficult to some.

I know there are those who are scared of life and do not have the courage to do big things adn would rather work trading their time for money while making someone like me rich living payday to payday! then retire in poverty; it is not for every one.


I understand it's not a "get rich quick thing". The question is if it's possible to get rich at all with ACN (unless you are Greg Provenzano) or even make a living more then minimum wage.

From what I understand from the ACN meetings (and believe I had to do a lot of digging and pestering of the ACN recruiters to get this info)is that all you get from selling their telephone services is a lousy 1%. That means even if you manage to find 20 customers each buying a service, you will not be able to reach the next level if you have not recruited anyone, and therefore still earn only 1%. A penny on the dollar.

What's that at the end of the month? Maybe six dollars?

I do commend your positive attitude and that you didn't hurl any insults at those of us who don't believe in ACN.


If you simply sell communication / energy plans to people, everything is 100% legit (other than the fact prices are not really competitive).

The part of building your own team (recruiting new IBOs) is what makes an a shady business.

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