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I signed up with ACN for phone and internet service at the beginning of September. They told me to cancel my existing service (which I did) and my new service would be activated Sept 12. When I had no service on Sept 13 I called and they told me to wait another day. This went on for three more weeks, my calling ACN and each time being told there was a different problem that would require another day or two to fix. Finally, when I was truly desperate to get some service I called my previous phone service provider and asked to have my service restored and called ACN and cancelled my (non-existent) service.

When I cancelled ACN was willing to waive the early termination fee, but not my first month's service bill nor my activation fee (a total of about $130). But in addition to this cost I had to spend about $150 extra in cell phone minutes because of not having a working land line, and spent countless of those minutes wading through ACNs poorly designed touch tone menu system to get to talk to a service rep each day (some days two or three times), of course each time talking to a different rep.

In all I have to say that I enormously regret my decision to try ACN. Rather than saving me money it cost me dearly not only in money, but also my time, and probably lost business. After this happened I had to wonder what kind of contract I had actually agreed to. Had ACN actually agreed contractually to provide me service? Or was the only legal obligation mine (i.e., to pay them). If you sign up with ACN, read the fine print! And be prepared to dispute the credit card charges in a timely manner if you don't get any service.

Product or Service Mentioned: Acn Internet Service.

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That's weird, the told me to NOT cancel my services. They did explain that I would have an overlapping day of charges, but that was worth it to not risk being without services.

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