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My son got involved with this scam through friends and is totally brainwashed into their quick profit MLM scheme which to this day has not paid off a cent for him. I transferred my land line service to support him anyway and as I have suspected, the service and support is totally inadequate and full of false promises.

First off they promised they would save me at least 30% off my current phone service with Telus and then when we looked up the existing bundled features that I wanted to keep, it ended up being a $2 saving. I went ahead anyway and the first bill I received included a $3 minimum long distance service charge that was never revealed to me by their actual agents working with my son at the time of the contract agreement and was never part of the bundled service I agreed to sign up for. On top of that I was charged a pro-rated fee from March 18 to April 1st, when my service was not even connected until March 28th, plus the advanced monthly charge from April 1st to May 1st. I immediately phoned customer care line to advise of the unauthorized LD charge and was told that it's a minimum fee I have to pay regardless of what I signed up for.

I disagreed, and told the agent on the line that I will not pay that additional charge as it was not included in the service I agreed to. The agent, I believe his name is Samir or Samil hung up on me. I called again and got another agent (Marianne?) and explained the whole thing again about the LD charge and complained that the first agent I spoke to hung up on me. I requested to speak to a manager or supervisor, but was told that she has to send in a request to have someone call me back regarding my issues with the dissatisfactory service and the removal of the LD charge.

I was incensed that there isn't anyone available to escalate customer issues. I said I will cancel my service anyway but the agent asked me to wait for someone to contact me before I make the decision. I would be contacted (hopefully by someone of authority) within 24 hours. What kind of system is that that I have to wait 24 hours for a response.

I did receive a call back from a supervisor late the next day but by this time I had already asked my previous service provider to transfer my service back from ACN. The supervisor advised me that I was not given the right information but agreed to waive the LD fee for me anyway and adjust my bill less the 10 days prior to actual activation of service but will still have to pay up to May 1st as per advanced billing. Plus they will charge me $14.99 cancellation fee for closing my account. I said I will pay up to April 24th when my service with Telus is restored but will not pay up to May 1st because I will not have service with ACN for that period.

He then told me that they will have to send it for collection. So I said go ahead if they think it's worth sending 7 days' worth of billing on collection for service I would no longer have. Honestly I just want to get out of this contract and totally regret dealing with this company. It's a complete waste of time and money.

I anticipated this would be a hassle for me and I was right about this. I find their services lacking and their customer service staff poorly trained. I would advise anyone to stay away from ACN and especially do not buy into their MLM system. I wish I could get my son to bail out of this scam.

He has invested so much time and money into this but still doesn't realize that the numbers just aren't there for him to make the kind of money or residual income that their so called IBOs are promising he would make. They just try to draw in as many people into this pyramid scheme and there's a lot of big talk and unrealistic promises but the business numbers they are talking about just do not make sense. I know because I have attended some of these sessions to educate myself. It is exactly what it seems.

A scam.

Based on my experience with this company, I personally do not believe ACN can deliver the home services they advertise to provide at a satisfactory level and customer service is amateurish. I don't understand how anyone like Donald Trump would actually endorse such a company.

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It's revolting but not amateurish, it's unfortunately the way more and more customer service is being handled. The customer service representatives don't even work for ACN, it's a 3rd world job shop with scripts for replies...

some of those people are making as little as $2/day for dealing with dissatisfied customers.

They couldn't turn you over to a supervisor because there is none. They have to contact ACN and request a callback.

Have you ever contacted Dell customer support? Same deal!

Donald Trump would endorse a pile of dog *** if he was paid to do it. He has endorsed casinos even though he is not a gambling man.

No he didn't make his money in the casinos or as a 7th level ACN seller, don't you think a better spokesman would be someone who has?

Don Lapre would probably be promoting ACN on infomercials if he were still alive today (suicide).

If you fail it's because you are a loser and didn't stick with it long enough or work hard enough at it. Aren't you sick of hearing that failure is your fault and not theirs!!! --------------------------------------- FACT - Less than 1 in 100 people that sign-up ever make enough money to recover their $500 investment. FACT - Even as a middle tier contender you will be lucky to make as much as $2000/yr...

after years of effort. * That might sound like a lot of money to the people answering the phones but it's less work and more money to just deliver newspapers. ------------------------ As far as saving you big money on what you already subscribe to. I have challenged ACN to undercut any of my service or utility bills and they can't.

They might make an initial offer to be a couple bucks less telling you that over time the savings accumulate but you keep getting unannounced additional charges. They aren't actually interested in selling you services, it's never been their first priority.

They want your no commission $500 sign-up fee along with your monthly fees, annual fees, meeting attendance fees, and $39/mo for a web site that gets NO traffic because it's 100% duplicate content. You've been warned!



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