Ok let me type this right because i dont want anybody talking about my english or my spelling. Got a text message saying i should give a guy who works for ACN my account number, phone number on the account and my email.

All that just to take $5 off my light bill. Should i give him my info???

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A big resounding NO!!! Don't give them any info especially about your bank accounts--debit or credit card as they will continuously deduct money from it even if you are no longer a customer or a member.

It happened to a friend of mine and countless others. Read all the complaints here and on other websites. My friend had to go to her bank and cancel her accounts because ACN and its rep wouldn't answer her e-mails or her phone calls to cancel her membership within the allotted grace period. They kept on charging her for almost a year.

Please,please, please DON'T GET INVOLVED with this "company" and its shady reps, be it as a member or as a customer. You will surely regret it if you do!


The initial rate will lower your payment for a short period, but once the grace period ends your bill will go up. I'm not bashing ACN, but I called my provider and compared their rates to Planet Energy/Xoom, and I'm now paying $30 more than I normally would.

Ask the person pitching you what the current rate is for Xoom/Planet energy is compared to your local provider. It's a fair question.

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