Amarillo, Texas
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ACN PHONE is a worth piece of grap. They never could get it to work in two years but yet want me to pay for it.

Called them over and over and they said they didn't care that I signed up for it but didn't say anything about it never working. I sent the phone back to them not wanting my money back just didn't want service becasue "It Won' Work".

They still didn't care. They just want to put it on my credit to make me look bad doesn't matter the phone is grapppppp!!!!!!!

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Anyone can play the blame game especially if they bought the phone half-hardheartedly just to please a friend who asked them to, and sometimes that is the case. But when problems occur whether it is the phone or the service, intelligent people will go to the source and give the people responsible for the problem a chance to solve it.

I have dealt with ACN for many years and have nothing but praise to offer a company that handles things as professionally as this company. Incidentally, The Video Phone is the absolute finest ever. We get to see our friends and family across the nation in real time not 'skype' time. I can call 60 countries and talk 24/7 for one very small monthly price.

AND can be a business owner with the company earning income when I use the services ACN provides.

Want to learn more,just call me any time and chat. 928-427-6508


I have ACN and have had it for years now. Only time I had trouble with it was when I first got it but it was a problem with phone lines outside.

The phone lines were still the property of Verizon. I had called Verizon out to fix them numerous times when I had their service. I called ACN when the trouble continued.

First let me say I got to speak to a real live support tech with no *** phone menus. They contacted Verizon and had the problem fixed almost immediately.

I have not any other problems with it.


I have the phone and I haven't had any problems with it. It's so much better than skype and all of those other analog video phone companies that are out here. I also find it funny that every one wants to label ACN as a scam but it contracted with all of these major service providers.


I did do the right process!!!!!!!!!! Phone just doesn't work all they want is your money the don't care if it works or not


I have service that works just fine with my other internet devices. It is the phone that doesn't work.

It is the phones problems and ACN can't seem to fix it and won't even try. :(


You must have not done the process right. Once you sign up for a service you deal with that service provider.

ACN is not the person you go to for problems. When you go to costco and sign up for verizon, you dont go back to costco.

You go straight to verizon. Thats how it works.

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