Fort Washington, Maryland
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As soon as we switched from Verizon to ACN, our phone service was turned off. We were without phone service and internet access for two weeks.

Apparently ACN just lease air space from Verizon and have no power to turn your phone service on or off. We found out the hard way that Verizon has the power to disconnect your service as they please.

We had to negotiate with Verizon to resume our service, This experience was a stressful nightmare. ACN had the nerve to send us a bill after providing us with nothing but a headache!Be careful when dealing with these small companies.

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I'm not saying who's right here, but if Verizon has a deal with ACN, and they reserve the right to make the "handoff" in a way that disadvantages you, isn't that a *** thing done by Verizon? I mean, if they fail to comply with a business arrangement made by ACN, then the two weeks hassle would have been Verizon's fault, would it not?

I'm not sure I'd come back to them after that.

FWIW, I've never had a problem with Verizon, other than cost. The service in AK was better than Rogers service in AK, even though they were roaming, and Rogers/ATT wasn't. Also: the worst screwing I've ever had was from T-Mobile, when I paid my bill one time, the keyboard on my phone started blinking and wouldn't stop. I was out the money for an entire month of service.

Also, they wouldn't mail the repaired phone to the right address. They royally screwed me, and never, ever, ever made the situation right.


The lesson to be gained here is NEVER to deal with acn! As evidenced by the complaint above (and other complaints here and on other sites), acn did nothing regarding the problem.

What is acn good for or good at anyway? It is good at pressuring its reps to recruit, recruit, recruit either customers or new reps through deceitful, fraudulent and secretive ways. It is good at billing customers, who its brainwashed reps were able to victimize to either subscribe originally or switch from their previous direct seller of services like internet, etc.

to acn which apparently is just a middleman intent on just getting the money or payment, for services way more expensive and (more often than not) NOT provided. Go direct to spare you from headaches and problems you will surely experience when you deal with the no morals and money hungry acn and its salespeople.


ACN is like Amway and ErbaLife. They are all pyramid scams.

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