Toledo, Ohio
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I have tried to use my ACN phone but way too many problems with it.

It does not work with my other phones in the house and I get cut off regularly. The sound quality is poor and have had numerous complaints from friends. I have spoken to their customer service on numerous occasions with poor results. I have cancelled after being told it would only be $ 14.99 for a portal exchnage then they charged me $200.00 instead.

What a ripoff !!!!!!!!!!

Never again will I try them and I hope you don't either.

This is not a good company to deal with.

Product or Service Mentioned: Acn Phone Service.

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ACN is the biggest scam going right now. They are now moving out of telecom into the energy market.

The scam is getting worse. All their seasoned reps are using their last bit of effort to try to squeeze out every last dime they can out of ACN and it's unwitting victims. Don't be a part of desperate people and their desperate actions.

The company is going down and they are taking innocent people with them. ACN is a scam for sure!


David, you sound like you are just trying to start trouble. I have never left a customer with problems, if your acn rep really did this, you need to call them up right now to figure out why it is not working. Did you try this?

Where are you located?


The acn reps are great during the pre-sale, but after that you are left alone to fend for yourself. They provide no support, the phone is *** and doesn't work, I was told my fax machine would work with the system and it didn't, I couldn't, on a regular basis, reach my children at home because the phone rarely worked.

This is a scam, the phone sucks, the reps don't care, and support is useless. I went to Vonage and they work great, the fax machine works, the sound quality is excellent, and I don't have to worry about damaging my relationships with my friends while trying to recruit them for cash.


Jacque P

I am really sorry you are having problems with your phone. Have you talked to the ACN Independent Representative who sold you the phone? It sounds from the information you provided that the Rep did not fully inform you of the specs of the phone and how to make it work.

Did the Rep make the purchase for you on the website, or did you do it yourself? If you did it yourself, did you read everything, or did the Rep rush you?

My concern is the Rep did not assist you as they should have because I am a Rep and I work hard to make sure my customers only sign up for services which will work with their set up.

Did you or the Rep run the speed test available on the ACN website when you signed up for the phone to make sure your internet was of good quality.

The original price to acquire the ACN Iris 3000 Video Phone is about $200, WHICH INCLUDES the phone for $99; first month of service+taxes, approx. $38 or $39 dollars; sales tax on the phone, depends on where you live; one time activation fee of $39.99; and the cost of shipping.

As I am not familiar with the $14.99 portal exchange, I cannot fairly address it.

Please understand ACN does alot to make customers happy. I am not sure why you have had bad service. Does the video phone work better when the other phones in the house are not plugged into it? Is the phone plugged directly into your router with the blue ethernet cable, or another one which is of good quality?

I wish there was a way I could help you personally. Please let me know via this forum of any other details which might help.

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