Me and my wife signed up for ACN along with my parents and it has been a disappointment from the get-go. I was introduced to it through my sister that thought she could make some extra money on the side doing it, and so we figured we'd help her out and save a few bucks at the same time.....were we ever wrong!

Our home hydro and gas bills were supposed to go down. THEY DID NOT! THEY WENT UP! We called to complain to ACN's Energy department and they said that they could not do anything for me as "I should have read the fine print in the contract". I figured that was so convenient.

We have been in it for 3 years, and have 2 more years to go, otherwise we have to pay a cancellation fee of over $1000 to get out of both of them.

Further, my parents internet is always going off, along with their phones have crappy reception. We all wish my sister never got involved, and now we'll have to wait it our until our contract is up.

Monetary Loss: $1200.


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We have noticed the same thing.They actually charge more than the gas company and can't wait for the term to be up in June/2018 .

The cancellation fee would be $100.00 just to cancel a few months earlier.Never again will I sign up with any marketer...these people are robbers.


This is interesting... https://www.bbb.org/kitchener/business-reviews/energy-service-companies/planet-energy-ontario-in-north-york-on-1292510/Alerts-and-Actions


Planet energy lie when they sell you on their product.Went thru it with them.

And then when you figure them out they want 1000's of dollars to get out of it. Stay away from these snake oil salesman. Shysters is what they are.

They are under investigation and run just under the line.Stay away!


Cancellation fee for Planet energy is $50/yr or part yr remaining on 5 yr contract.

Internet cancellation is $90.

Where do you get $1200???

to PhilipSydney #1430163

No it isn't.....try 1300 bucks. Shysters

Fergus, Ontario, Canada #1308677

They are not allowing me to return to Hydro One to get solar panels since they insist they have a signed contract but cannot produce it. The sales rep and her supervisor assured me that as a senior I could not be held to the contract. I need a divorce from them and they have sent me to collections within a month!

Peterborough, Ontario, Canada #1299847

$169.50 gets you out of hydro contract one time fee.Be careful because they ask if you want out of your gas bill also at the same time.

I was quoted this price for both and they only cancelled hydro.

They want $300 more now to cancel the gas bill.BUYER BEWARE SCAM Planet energy



I am the victim too - we can actual garther together and use the lawyer aid of government to help out the contract

yes, my Hydro went up twice as much

pls I need support- this is fraudulent company and they lie to you

we don't even sign a paper- it is not legal by the to do things like this and rip off our money

Pls do sth together!


why are these people allowed to stay in business they are harassing my 63 year old father for a cancellation fee of $5000.00 for his gas service that he took to another provider due to fact he was paying MORE with Planet Energy

NO CONTRACT was ever signed as we 'locked in' our savings over the phone.

where do I go for help with these bullies/scammers


to Anonymous Peterborough, Ontario, Canada #1299848

Ontario Energy Board complaint

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