Portland, Oregon
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I am SHOCKED that this so-called company still exists... I can foresee a huge class action lawsuit in the near future with how bad ACN yanks people around.

I lost sooooooooo much money until I finally decided to flat out cut ties with them (and change my bank acct #). Best thing I ever did was pay the fee to break the contract (but had to cut my losses) and be done with those crooked scam artists. I would NOT reccommend this company to my worst enemy.

I wish I would have done some research before signing up... :( I guess I learned a lesson.

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sorry.. that should be I am NOW looking into charging this company with fraud.


My parents are having the same issue with this company stealing money out of their bank account without permission and multiple times per month. They have had nothing but issues with the service not being set up properly and the voip phone never working properly and poor poor customer service.

I am not looking into charging them with fraud. I have all the evidence showing the money removed from their account without permission.


Dear look@reality,

"what went wrong" is clearly listed in the title of the complaint. They debited my bank acct constantly..

they just pulled $ out of my acct when ever they felt like it. The charges were invalid, they made multiple charges within the same month adding up to hundreds of dollars.. and when I tried to get it corrected and get the $ refunded, the customer service seemed totally incompetent and when they finally said they would refund the money, they only put $15 back into my acct.

It was a nightmare. I had to change my bank acct to get their hands out of it!


Whats your agenda. I don't believe you. I believe you are just trying to recruit people into your business maybe?


Good to know. We've got people after us to get involved in this "company"


look@reality is right. If you have a valid complaint, and some people do, and your angry, throwing a temper tantrum won't help your cause.

I look on this site to see what people do have problems with and what they don't. I've experienced problems, but honestly, I have had problems with other service providers too. So to call a company "crooked scam artists" you have to be more precise. Noone understands why your mad.

Just saying. I hope it got sorted out for you though.


You do not even mention what exactly went wrong? You have not case here, buddy if you are going to complain tell us the exact issues at hand do not just ramble off on your negativity.

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