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So I was recently invited to hear a sales pitch on ACN. After you get through the bizarre music and lights as well each and everyone of them congratulating each other, the presentation began.

There are a number of speakers (all very much unbelievable and slick) that begin to paint a picture of just how incredible this company is as well as the incredible amount of money they make (though they never actually indicate what they actually make). Here is the bottom line...the goal of this entire waste of time is to ensure that you purchase their broker site for $499. From there it is up to you to change over your essential services as well as convince family members, friends and anyone else you get rope into this nonsense. They do not want you to go home and think about it because once you go home and search the Internet on the poor services, locked contracts and absurd pay plan you will breathe a sigh a relief that you did not sign.

I could only imagine how pissed off my family and friends would be if I locked them into this pyramid venture. Run, down walk away from this scam

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I didn't stay as long as you did! Right off the bat they started with these self-serving introductions that were like- and now, let me introduce Super-Duper Cosmic Producer, Mr.

Payme Homage !!! DC is big on homage too, and it comes across just as fake.

They did this for each speaker, and I couldn't take anymore of it so I left! The person that invited me wasn't too happy, but this is way too over the top for me...

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