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ACN is technically legit, but I believe operates their business with a lack of integrity. Their goal is to get you to join with promises of being your own broker and offering nationally respected brands at a significant discount. The presentation is compelling especially if the speaker has a respectable background--I was initially impressed because the pitch is polished.

The reality is once you pay your $500 business fee, the goal is to sign you up for as many essential home services as they can within 24hrs. This means high pressure with little opportunity to comparison shop and read the fine print (and YOU better read the fine print, it was eye opening). They also want you to set up a large home party before you have any clue what you are doing--there are training modules, but minimal product training to allow you to be honest about all terms and conditions.

I did not fall for the 24-hour pressure which was very intense BTW--I took a week to comparison shop and read the fine print and was glad I did. Not ONE service was as cheap as what I could get retail--in fact I could get substantially better deals going direct to retailer in most cases!--wait aren't we brokers here at ACN?..where is the deals for such a large international organization? Also, every ACN service involves a 12 or 24-month service contract with typically only a 3-DAY cancellation agreement. With your upline 'helping' you sign up, they quickly blow by the very restrictive 'contract' and want your CC (lots of BBB complaints of people not even knowing they agreed to these terms because the upline was processing the order). With ACN cell services, you almost always get hit with expensive activation fees, which I have never had to pay when negotiating at a retailer (higher phone cost too in almost every case). With their internet phone, you will pay activation, an equipment fee AND shipping AND get hit with a 12-month contract--what the is the point of a contract when you are buying equipment?--local cable/phone does not require a contract...this is pretty shifty IMO.

For me to switch my essential services and get my qualification points would have cost me an additional $80+ a month plus almost $200 in activation fees and other fees (I have several phone lines). You will see lots of BBB complaints about this.

Voice phone?....get ready to buy their expensive phone for $179 AND also get the pleasure of paying for a 2-year contract--WOW, what a savings for me and my friends--I pay for the equipment and you still lock me in for 2-years!

There are hundreds of BBB complaints against this company, but they very carefully 'manage' an A rating by responding to every complaint and proving YOU signed an agreement that clearly stated the terms...albeit bad terms. To me, this is unethical behavior because if takes advantage of your excitement and 'greenness' to quickly lock you into restrictive contracts for services and even the $500 fee. This way, if you are part of the 90% that don't become a producer, they got your business and $500 for at least a year and probably more as many stay with their service.

There is minimal concern for product training, so you generally take a 'leap of faith' that the deals/terms will be good for your clients....mistake! Granted if your client is not a bargain shopper and happy with the deal, who are you really hurting, but I have a conscience and I would like to keep the respect of my friends.

By the time you start to wise up, the 10-days is long gone and you are out $500 like thousands of other people (even more BBB complaints). If they REALLY believed in their company and services they would not make such poor cancellation policies. It is clearly meant to catch people 'in the web' and make a dollar off you, then it is NEXT! All I can say is BUYER BEWARE and get ready for incredible pressure to get you to act quickly...and preferrably uninformed.

I asked my upline where the 'value' is with our deals in a training and it looked like they bit into a lemon. Their response was the 'this is your business speech, make the investment..blah..blah..blah. I was also pressured to sign up for the BS 39.99 back office assistant (pure ACN profit IMO) and that was enough to send up all the red flags for me.

You CAN make some money if you are willing to 'churn and burn' a lot of naive people with little regard for the potential hassle you might inflict on them. If you read other posts, very few make much in residuals, but can earn a few bonuses to keep the enthusiasm. All they do is technically legal because they do disclose all the terms and you must 'agree' to them before you are charged. Good luck trying to catch all the gotcha's. It is a shame, because the concept is great and I liked the comraderie and networking.

I think their pitch could be challenged as illegal as I personally did not see ANY savings for myself or anyone I attempted to pitch (however, it was possible if you converted a landline to internet phone, but FYI, Vonage had a better deal than ACN). The ADT alarm service was a joke, almost $20/month higher than my rate, Direct TV and Dish had 2-year contracts etc., and there is rampant use of attractive short term promos followed by the whammy full retail rate in a few months.

I can't in good faith take advantage of friends and family knowing I am not really giving them a good deal or opportunity and I really dislike the lack of honest disclosure and 'drink the kool-aid' rah rah.

My advice--STAY AWAY.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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Sound to me this ACN just another pyramid scheme to suck your dollars out of you.


Hi Greg,

Thank you for taking the time to write a thoughtful and reasoned post. I am going to a "meeting" tomorrow night and taking my son as a favor to a friend. I have been approached several time (porbably as we all have) to learn about various Multi-Level-Marketing "opportunities" and I was actually hopeful that this might be not your usual "grass fire" marketing approach.

I have developed a three question test to determine if the company is interested in long term growth for their "associates" or if they simply want to sell you and your close circle and be done.

1) Are you happy to tell me about the product and company you represent before I attend a meeting or are you instructed to say as little as possible and just get people together?

2) Am I expected to sign up quickly for the goods and services as a means to get the business rolling, accumulate needed points or credits or demonstrate my commitment?

3) Is the compensation program simple to explain and digest within a minute and do I keep getting paid if I do not continue to recruit new members.

ACN clearly fails on the first two and probably on the third.

Thanks for saving me and my family and friends the trouble.

Yours, Matt


GregH20, compare apples to apples ACN is very competitive in their prices. Customer Service is important as well and most people would agree that ACN's customer service is very good.

Why would anyone get into a long term business venture with all that pressure.

The pressure is not from ACN by the way. Get that straight.


Thank you GregH2O - - I also went to a meeting as a favor to a friend. Your description of the general high pressure sales techniques is spot on.

It is a scam. I did not join although a number of acquaintenances at the meeting did fork over the "business fee" and were promptly pressured to sign up for the "great discounts in home services". Those that did are now complaining of the "hidden" fees and question the ethics of the people (friends) who got them involved.

I also checked the prices schedules against my existing services and came to the same conclusion that you did - -none of the services contract amounts was as inexpensive as my current services negoatiated directly from the providers. This company preys on the desperate and poorly informed.


Thank you GregH2O for the information i will now go through the pain staking process of check the BBB in all 50 states to find out how many complaints have been filed against ACN or any associated services,

Hawaiian Kanaka


Greg H20.first of all if I'm your up line I would not even sponsor you.Why?first of all you don't even know your products and services.You think like a customer rather than a business owner.Let me asked you this,does Walmart and target has the same pricing?i don't think so.As a business owner you need to win over your customers not losing them.If a price of a cellphone has a 20 dollars difference against your competitor why not pay it and you will have the contract for 2 make this business so complicated.Get out of the business because I'm pretty sure our path will come across someday..


Ibo, why the hostility? Shouldn't ACN be informing their members about their products and services anyways?

If you feel that the original poster does not know their material, then isn't that a failure on ACN's part? Why is it that no one can outline the benefits of switching over to ACNs services?

I've personally been to one of their recruitment "meetings" and all they really touched on is that you should be asking your family and friends to switch over as "favors" to you. That hardly seems professional to me.


I agree 100 percent! Stay out of business if your not going to think like a business owner!!

This is only a business for people with a creative business mind and a great work ethic. Also means "YOU DON'T GET RICH QUICK"


Do your homework before you post nonsense on the web. If anyone wants to start a business, go to credible sources ex: success magazine, Forbes.. not google.




creative business mind?work eihic?are you kidding me?what the *** are you talking about?It is not creative to *** a friend or family member out of 500 dollars to join this money hungry far as work ethic you acn sheep know nothing about work ethic or any kind of ethic for that matter!


You can't even spell mr. Business man. You are all brain washed.


did u leave the company, or still are working for them

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