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Hi, I'm in the process of sticking it up them after I discovered my friend was transferred using someone else's Medicare care for the credit check. They stole her account without her permission.

This is legally called slamming guys. Not telling you the critical information summary and signing you up themselves is a breach of their policies and procedures. I got them from their own back office and now I'm using them to get back to the position my friend and I were in before this nightmare began. Currently on free internet and home phone and cell until I get compensation.

We refuse to allow ACN to port our services back to Telstra until we have received sufficient compensation. Together we are standing strong against this bully company. I managed to get the IBO terminated and he had per ported to have been earning $33,000 a month. And I haven't finished with them yet.

My plan is to report them to ASIC, to the Consumer Commission, to Medicare for Medicare fraud, to the Telecommunication Ombudsman and any other authority or media who is on the consumers side.

I've complained to Telstra and they have escalated cases on our behalf. Maybe after all this trouble it might have been cheaper to pay us compensation commeserate with our complaint.

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ACN is one of the most vile and invasive recruting-based MLM companies out there.

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