Cherry Hinton, England

Lol all you all *** idiots? Listen to all of have all failed in ACN because you are are lazy bastards that are too *** and lazy follow a simple system that will of course compensate you very very well if you follow it.

Of coirse ACN isnt a scam!? How can it be!? Tell me how they scam you? *** idiots.

Its a legitimate multi level marketing company that has a 22 year proven track record with credibility that is second to none. Stay in the real pyramid scheme that is the corporate world.

Dont take it out on this great company just because you all failed. ***.

Reason of review: Good customer service.

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Yeah, we all know the mind tricks ACN likes to play. If you fail then it is entirely YOUR fault and ACN will make sure you feel the blame.

Or you can work 'harder' and of course continue to pay ACN's monthly and yearly fees. ACN has got all the bases covered.


Congratulations. You just discredited yourself and ACN.


When you can compose a statement with correct spelling and composition, only then can you call others idiots. You are the ****** *** and ACN IS A SCAM!!!!


well cussing your head off just proves to me that people in ACN have no class whatsoever, so thank you for showing me I should not join.


Don't call people who are critical of ACN names because it makes you look like classless fool.


Proven track record - seriously?? How could you possibly know, since everyone knows that they REFUSE to publish key financial information - like how much they earn, how much the median IBO earns, how many IBOs quit.

And why do they refuse? Clearly not because the data is sooo goood everyone will want to sign up - no, perhaps because the data is not good at all.

Sorry ***, you can't prove anything, without proof!!! Remember this, when you quit...

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