Houston, Texas

I believe only lazy people, people who have given up on life, and low lifers generally Look to find a "get rich quick" scheme!And once they cant get provided with that!

They begin to rant and bad mouth the company! It is sad that there are people like this as commenters who come to say nonsense just bcuz they had a bad experience and openly discouraged better people who are ready for a change in their lives!

ACN will never work for you if you're a scammer yourself looking for a get rich quick scheme or if you're selfish and uselessly lazy!Get a life and dont cone here bad-mouthing a proven system that you know nothing about!

Reason of review: Good customer service.

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Be careful what you say and who you believe in. The time may come when you may be forced to acknowledge yourself as "selfish and uselessly lazy".


Big news for all ACN Reps - RESIDUALS ARE NOT GUARANTEED ! Contracts expire, customers terminate, and the co-founders have reserved the right to change or terminate the Comp Plan at any time, for any reason - look at your documents if you don't believe me!!!

And what happens when the co-founders walk away/ retire/ etc??? Just curious how many of you Reps have had this explained to you by your sponsor - or anyone in your up-line???

If someone claims your residuals are financial freedom forever, ask them to put that in writing, and have it notarized... !


You cannot succeed in ACN without bringing a lot of people under you. Go to a meeting and see for yourself. What is the main emphasis?




Sounds like someone's had too much kool aid !! Bet they don't even make enough $$ to cover their trips to the "life-changing events" !!!


*** outta here. I know plenty of ibos from xs champions that are about to leave your brainwashing organization. Your in for a shock pretty soon in houston


Errrmmmm you sound pretty pissed! Even if we're brainwashed, at least we're getting paid "mr anonymous"!


How come you know so much?! Hahahahahaha!

You're clearly one if those that do a lot of google research, and probably waste your time on bad mouthing people who get paid, instead of coming up with quality advice on how to be successful urself! Go and feed ur family and leave the ranting!


I just said I know ibos from xs dumb ***. Of course I know about you all, no google research needed.

Instead of replying to my comment which got you butt hurt make your "millions" ***. You're no better than herbalife distributors... and also quit telling people you're entrepreneurs. you're not.

A true entrepreneur starts his own business and does not lean on the back of another. you are no better than anybody else who works for a corporation accept the person that works down the street at Walmart can depend on a check every two weeks.


I bet u still live under ur mom's basement! That's where lazy ideas come from!

I'm outta here! I know better to be civil, because i'm an entrepreneur


*** bro is that where acn headquarters is? Your mom's basement? Lol


no good gime may money rosa galvan 832 642 6446 money back pleasse. your services not good

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