Marlton, New Jersey
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I see this company is still getting bad reviews. Still thinking about joining. Lol

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Are you crazy? My family member is fighting with everyone because they won't join or change to their lousy services, they haven't been with them for 2 months yet and they're in the hole for almost 2500 bucks! You're going to regret it, I haven't read one person yet who has made money, not one.

@Warning Danger

I get a kick out of these money hungry people who think they're gonna make some money from a MLM. My friend joined this *** and went totally bankrupt morally and mentally.

Car Repo, Evicted, Owing friends and family money ! I had enough and abandoned her stupid *** right in Tucson. If you run into anyone by the name of Ann B. Hubbard run quickly !

Total derelict people looking just to hustle people because idiots like her are very gullible, conniving, and stupid. She wanted five hundred dollars from me to join something call ACN. Then realized I wasn't that stupid to join a MLM. You have a better chance at selling drugs in front of a Police station.

Lol !

Quick money Pyramid Scheme that's all it comes down too ! *** !

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