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i was an ACN rep for 2 years . i got the video phone right away to get my qualify to get paid.

At the time the video phone was hooked up acn didn't have internet in my area. so 8 months later i was able to get acn internet and more points for my biz. After 2 years of video phone my mom and I were not happy with the service at all. she would be talking on her hand held phone and her video phone would ring.

Along with a bad picture acn service "SUCKS". My mom cancelled her service with a $200 penalty and i followed suit. I had the video phone 25 months and internet 17 months. i asked to stop my video service but keep my internet.

I was told acn didn't offer internet by its self so i was charged $ 200 early termination fee just as my mom was. I explained that I was rep and got 25 customers for them. they were very rude and said there was no way to keep internet without video phone and you will be charged $200 early termination fee. You can call any US carrier but acn and order just internet.

ACN is a rip off ,they lie to you and i urge you not to use any of there services even if its your friend trying to sell them to you.

You can tell that friend if your not prepared to motivate people 24/7 you will fail at acn. What a "SCAM"

Product or Service Mentioned: Acn Internet Service.

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Why buy a video phone from the 90's? Ever heard of Skype, Face Time, Qik ETC.???

All ACN wants is for you to RECRUIT, RECRUIT, RECRUIT so they can make $499 off some poor ***.

YOU will NEVER make anything worthwhile bugging people, get a REAL JOB!!! This is a PYRAMID SCAM, PLAIN AND SIMPLE!!


I laugh at Puggsly, you are all over the comments on this site!!! You must be REALLY be questioning your decision if you have this much time to spend on this web page commenting on EVERYTHING.

Also, love the loser comments by all the reps! My aunt got involved in this *** and I am just waiting for the hammer to fall!

The brainwashing is scary.......look at the names you ACN'ers call the normal people you used to be......loser, dream stealer, complainer, rotten apple! 3 syllables for you........Brain-wa-shed!!!


why pay when skype is free?


According to the Dept of Commerce and Federal Trade Commission, ACN customers have sent in over 13,000 complaints in 2011. Doesn't sound like much?

Compare it to Amway (5,300 complaints) and Avon (2,700 complaints). Not even Microsoft had as many as ACN (9,600).

Good luck. You're gonna need it.


I joined ACN. I didn't have to get a videophone.

I got two people and made $1200. The only way to fail is to not try.




you my friend, must be one of those top salesmen that sold "video phones" to thousands of trusting americans that diddnt know about SKYPE! this brainwashing game is interesting,isnt it? people dont even do the math,they just tke your words as truth.....


U my friend are just a loser, ACN has partnered with over 6 of the top dsl providers in the country as well as Verizon fios, AT&T u-verse, & finally cox, comcast, time Warner, & charter. All which u can get jus Internet with.


Also u never got 25 customers for them, ur also a liar. If you did u would have been a top performer & actually know what you are talking about

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