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I AGREE with the guy whose english was questionable. ACN doesn't uphold what it says and it isn't what they make it out to be.

The people you speak to are not exacly helpful they only have their agenda in place and aren't the least bit interested in actually helping the 'customer'. It sucks and I will be making sure no one I know is duped into joining.My phone never has 3G even though I've rung about it so many times and the internet drops out again and again, not to mention how useless the digital phone is

Product or Service Mentioned: Acn Phone Service.

Monetary Loss: $200.

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I agree with Ed, I am a rep and the only thing we do is connect people with the same companies they are using now, but offer one stop shopping for all of the services. ACN has some of their own products, but I will tell you now, you can't use a digital phone if your existing internet service is sucky, like mine.

In fact I have Verizon wireless and it sucks really bad and I can't get out of my 2 year contract early without a huge penalty, but I signed up knowing it may be questionable. I live in the country so I am looking to going back to satelite internet, it has to be better than Verizon "Line Of Site" Wireless at this point. You cannot blame ACN's products if you don't have the existing service to use their products. Plain and simple.

Customers need to do some researching on their own first. Why is our society always so quick to blame someone other than theirselves for the lack of work on their part?

These are the same people that vote for people without even knowing what they stand for or the issues they believe in. They vote for a candidate because someone told them too.


ACN IBOs simply connect customers to well known companies people use anyway... sprint, tmobile, verizon, direcTV...

i love it when people blame ACN for Sprint's service! You idiots dont even know what you're talking about!


Sorry but what are you on about?

Are you a customer of ACN or a Rep?

What service provider are you with?

Who is not helpful with the customer?

Your post seems very ambiguous...Are you another service provider?

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