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My son went with some kids to a gathering sponsored by ACN in Houston, Texas and got pressured into signing up with ACN. ACN is a fraud company and by using their unethical tactics, they convinced my son the only way he could be trusted (i guess because he's black) is to give them his bank account information to validate he had money.

Less than 4 hours later, they withdrew $500.00 out of his bank account.

This is money he had saved for school and to top it off, when called to cancel the agreement (an hour after he signed up), they couldn't be reached until the next day and the run around he got. Oh yes, Small Claims Court here we come!

Product or Service Mentioned: Acn Phone Service.

Monetary Loss: $500.

  • Small claims court
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ACN is a legit company for people that want more than mediocrity and it has given financial freedom to more people than you could realize.


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Over promise cheaper electricity rates and over deliver actual charges !

Was a former customer of TXU for 20+ years and was guaranteed a monthly savings from ACN and Marc Isaac based on marketing propaganda and lies. Made a switch to ACN and based on the first 28 days of service, my bill was 70% higher----I had not made any changes in my home electricity usage.

I decided immediately to pull the plug on these PARASITES when I could not get satisfaction from their customer service department or my upline. Who was there for the $399 but couldn"t be found after. I went ahead and paid their final bill and expected that to be the end of this bad experience. WRONG--these LEECHES reported me to all the credit bureaus for a late charge of terminating my contract.

Now my 800+ credit score has dropped below 620 ! Stay away if you are approached about becoming a customer or IBO. (Sales program is a MLM) This is a modified PONZI scheme and you will be burned !

Marc Isaac made statements of guaranteed savings multiple times with promises from his forked tongue.

Reported both him and ACN to the energy board and FTC.

Thank goodness TXU welcomed me back with open arms and my savings began again.


Oh... ACN...

what a piece of ***!!!! My personal experience with the company is nothing short of terrible. I found out how they make their money... They will take hard working people and deactivate their account based on whatever they feel like and take the residual income that is left over and make profits from it.

This company has no morals. They choose to do anything they want and leave hard working people in the dark. Same goes for any of the leaders... they just want your money, no if ands or buts...

For those who started out well and is keeping it up... more power to you in scamming other people to join...

but don't come back here and rant about it just because you get screwed over at the end. you all have been Warned!!!!


ACN will not "gladly repay your money" they will leave you in the dark, make you jump through hoops and fend for yourself. It depends on 18 year olds not knowing how to use a fax machine or find an invisible refund form.

It is rediculous how hard it is to get your money back.

This link should get you the info you need to get a proper refund in time. Also, its a good idea to notarize all documents for proof of send date in relation to the ten day period.


Found a link to the ten day cancelation form and where to send it. I hope this helps any other victims.


Hey Andy I was wondering if that link works for Canada. I want to get out of this *** because I think its wrong recruiting people and robbing their money and then teaching them how to rob other peoples money.




In response to a post. The truth is that this ACN mentors do not tell you that you have 10 days to get your money back in fact they fill your head with this lies on how ACN is an opportunity. I am also a college student and i gave into the ACN lie, and if they spoke with the honest truth on how the company really works, I assure you that you would think twice.


Hey guys! Idk if many are still viewing this page or not but if you are like me and stumbled here after hours of research, I want to just say that I have a full time career, I am not going to quit it and straight up invest in ACN, what I currently do I make okay money for my age (22yrs old) my income is between 3-6,000 a month depending on the work I put in.

With that said, I can afford the $500 sign up fee I am ambitious and want to "live the dream" if you must say. So I am going to do something for everyone, I am going to pay the sign up fee and try this as a "side job" still putting as much commitment into it as I do to my current career (I have enormous amount of downtime) So in other words I will try this business so you won't have to. I am going to enroll on Oct. 30th and post frequent updates on how it is going to see if this actually works.

If you want to follow me and my progress, email me at I am going to create a twitter or youtube in the next few weeks and post all my updates there if you email me I'll give you my user name.

Again I will do this and keep everyone updated $500 to me is nothing to potentially make thousands a month so I want to see if it works and if it does then it does and if it doesn't it doesn't, you won't be the one out of $500 but you will be well informed as to if you want to make the decision to enroll or not. Thank you for your time everyone!

@Ty the sky guy

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I think your son spent more than $500 at the bar since he started school. I think he spent more than $500 on clothes since he started school.

I also think he spent more than $500 on lots of things. The truth is... it's just $500. He had an opportunity to get his money back (call ACN and they gladly tell you how to cancel within 10 days).

He also had an opportunity to build a business and make money.

This is like saying McDonalds stole $1M dollars from the people who buy a franchise and then don't manage it well. I wish you all the best and by doing your research you will find this and so many other things out there are good logical businesses for those who can work hard and can handle people who don't know what they talking about.


Wow those people who pressured him in joining should've told your son about the $500! Those people are wrong for doing that and should be deactivated. Other wise the company is a great one


its on the the app and also mentioned when they do the presentation.


Jamal Lawler is a fraud he's got a lot off people money I won't see profit he is on my *** list..


This comment about ACN is totally one-sided. I have been an IBO with ACN For 9 months now and my experience has been nothing but positive.

ACN markets essential services that people use everyday and pay for month after month after month. If you have a security system, a cell phone, electricity, natural gas, cable tv, sat tv and more, you are already participating in the markets covered by ACN just becasue you son gave away 500 dollars and was not prepared to do the work it takes to make a return on his investment doesn’t mean that ACN is a bad company. Like anything else in life, you get out of it what you put into it. Let me ask you a question, “How much is you son’s college tuition, How much are the books, How much is the meal plan?” You pay that money and don’t give it a second thought on weather on not it will grantee that he get a good job when he get out of college.

If fact, you know there are no guarantees.

In fact, you probably know people that have college degrees and are unemployed or under employed. I makes me sick to hear these baseless accusations.


How much money do you personally make with ACN, akspeth?


How much he makes on risdual income doesn't matter. Everyone's income depends on how much work you put in.

ACN isn't a scam. I find it funny that when people say "you're involved in a pyramid scheme." That makes me laugh so hard. Because in reality.... Everyone's already involved in a pyramid scheme weather you like it or no.

For example, when you're at a "job" you're limited to your income and financial freedom. You have to worry when to clock in and clock out, you can work as much as you want and still be cap at what you make per hour. Let's say I make $8.50/hr, right? With in that hour I can make 10 coffee at Starbucks or I can make 1000 coffee if I wanted to.

In the end, I get paid $8.50/hr. Where as in ACN, you don't have to worry when you clock in or when to clock out, you don't have to worry about coming home late and not being able to spend time with your family and friends, all you need to worry about is that how fast and how much time am I willing to invest in myself for me to gain that financial freedom. It's simple.. All you need is a PHD.

What does PHD mean? PHD=Poor Hungry Desire. Very simple. But, what people don't see is that you are scared to take "risk" and "ohh I'm just going to follow what other people say and take their advice on it." My question is, DO THEY HAVE THE LIFE THAT YOU WANT?

SHOULD YOU TAKE ADVICE FROM PEOPLE WHO ARENT MORE SUCCESSFUL THAN YOU? We are all the same. Until, you learn to take risk and learn from people who are more successful then us. Well, good luck In life my friend.

Cause you will forever stay the way you ARE right now. Unless, you're willing to learn and get out of your comfort-zone.


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All I can say is poor kid. ACN is one of the top Network Marketing companies around.

If you do correct research you could find that. I bet all this lady did was use GOOGLE to do her "research". She probably also destroyed her sons chance of having a better life than what she had. Look at our current college system.

Talk about a SCAM. I was 26 years old making $75k a year working 65 hours a week at 2 jobs when I got involved in network marketing... best decision I ever made.

Poor kid from POOR parents, not financial but PassingOverOpportunityRegularly.

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