Newmarket, Ontario

I've been an ACN IBO for 6 years and it was the best decision I ever made. It is everything they said it would be.

It has changed my life in many ways. The company has lots of integrity and so do the co founders, we just celebrated 24 years in business and launched in our 25th country. I've built my business with honestly and integrity. I love it everything about it.

I've built a long lasting residual income, my phone and internet service is free for life, I've helped my friends and family in more ways than I could imagine. I've helped others change their lives and that's priceless. I've also had the pleasure of meeting some of the most awesome people through this business and built long lasting relationships. It's not for everybody, if you're a lazy negative miserable individual this is not for you.

For all the whiners, complainers and quiters .... ACN works, question is ... Do you work? Do yourself a favour and don't start any business, you'll fail at it.

For the rest of you ... Go after the life you deserve!


Reason of review: Good quality.

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That is because you are a liar and would say anything to bring more rubes into the fold. ACN hedges their bets on the failure of others after they have you $500.00 dollars .

. . . amazing people can be that *** .

. .


Is it really your business though or are you just selling their products? If you can't adjust pricing or add a product on their line you're just a glorified seller who thinks he owns his own business.


Not to mention you also have to pay ACN 499.00 for the privilege of selling their products ...


Well Mr/ Ms dream/ believe/achieve - you've made two huge claims you can't possibly prove : ..."I've built a long lasting residual income, my phone and internet service is free for life..."

The fact is, your residuals last as long as your customer doesn't terminate their service, as long as the co-founders don't terminate the comp plan (they have written that right into the comp plan), etc.

And secondly, your phone service is free on as long as you have five other phone customers, or as long as the co-founders continue this promotion. Please tell us where it is written that you have this freebie for life??? And by the way, congratulations on saving $50 - $60 a month - you are a real tycoon !!

Do yourself a favor and learn a little bit more about business - especially the one you're in before you shoot your mouth off and reveal your ignorance.


Awesome review! I always wondered how something can be a scam that is based off of your own efforts.

Those who call it a scam or compare ACN to a job are ignorant and uninforned imo.

That's like someone starting a business and seeing no results after 3 months. "Oh boy..this business stuff is such a scam."


You are right - there is no comparison with ACN to a job, for example: a job will get you a check when you work/ ACN doesn't pay you for work - you get paid only for production, and, you have to pay them to cut your check; a job often provides you with health benefits - ACN does not; a job pays into your Social Security, Medicare/ Medicaid and Unemployment benefits - ACN does not; A job doesn't typically require you to pay for your position, tools/ equiptment/ support - ACN does... You are right, there is no comparison - plenty of ACN alumni to check this out with...

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