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I received a letter in the mail, dated 07/16/2012 with an account number stating in part:

"Upon completeion of a recent audit, ACN has discovered that we are in possession of an over payment in the amount of ($25.72) on an account that you had with ACN. We would like to return these funds to you, but first we need to verify that we have the correct mailing information to ensure accurate and timely delivery."

The letter goes on to ask me to verify my name and mailing address, no return envelope.

Here's the thing: I have never heard of this company. From what I have found researching on the internet, it is some sort of pyramid sales thing and/or phone service.

I made a copy of the letter and I do not intend on responding to it, but has anyone else had a similiar situation?

Sincerely Puzzled,

Product or Service Mentioned: Acn Internet Service.

Monetary Loss: $25.

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Haha, your lucky to have a company audit itself and honestly say we own you.

I'm a acn rep, my mum ordered a phone back in the UK.

They canceled my mums order and advised her she is with someone else.

Now that's not greedy, I call that outstanding customer Service. I'm every happy to be with acn and a consumer.


Do your research first on the internet and don't just listen to the biased acn reviews written below.


, excessive clamis activity is a valid and allowable reason for cancellation.There is a possibility that he can find a non-standard company that might offer the coverage. It won't be easy and it wont be as cheap as what he is used to paying for homeowners insurance.The worst case scenario would be that he would have to apply for the FAIR plan in his state.

The FAIR plans offer basic property insurance to persons who have an insurable interest in real or tangible personal property and who have been unable to secure such insurance from the voluntary insurance market.

The coverage offered is much more basic and is more expensive than what is available in the voluntary market. The state does not fund the FAIR plan it is, instead, funded by all the insurance companies that operate in your state.


If you don't have or never had an ACN account then they don't owe you any money. This sounds like a phishing scam that could have been generated by someone else.

I hope you haven't sent them any of your sensitive information since this sounds suspect. It's not worth the price of $25.72 to lose your personal information.


I've heard of ACN. My brother is a representative.

The company is very legit. My brother was able to retire himself and his wife. I'm next. I don't enjoy working 15 hours a day till I'm 62.

For someone else's dream. I'm tired of being part of the 99%. Good luck to all.

Learn more for yourself.

Don't continue to let your broke friends teach you how to be more broke. Come learn from some millionaires.


That's funny because that's exactly what the acn rep told me when they tried to get me to join. Sounds like you acn people are trying to save face with these made up stories. Apparently everyone retires their mother haha.


ACN is a legitimate company(though the sales people may not be), and if they say they owe you money, they're not trying to get you to do anything but try to fix what's right. I understand it may look "scam-ish." They worst that can happen if you don't respond, it'll get sent to the state, and then you can pick it up from the state :).

simple as that. I wish I got one of those letters.

p.s. ACN is a company that offers many different services (ex. verizon, t-mobile, sprint, direct tv, dish network, ADT security, clear internet services and a ton of other things.

So it IS possible that if you've ever had a service that they sell you could've signed up through an ACN rep. A lot of the reps don't try to recruit to make money, they try to build their customer base...

hope this helps. Michael J P


I received the same letter. My over payment said ($110.28).

It gave me an ACN Account # and said if no action taken before 30 days the funds will be transferred to the state. I have never heard of this company either. I googled the address and name and it lead me to a website like you said, but it's very vague on exactly what the company does.

I live in Fort Pierce,FL. Im not going to respond.

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