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I paid $515 to join ACN with the promise that I will get a full refund if I decided to cancel within 10 days. I cancel on the 4th day and they only refunded me $457 and never told me what the $57 they retained is for.

ACN just ignored all my emails, faxes, telephone etc.

They like to hold meeting to convcince people how much money you can make but it is only a few peopel who make money with this scam. The majority of people quit after a few months. They are fooling people that you can make free calls all over the world, this is not true.

It is a scam.

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ACN is a SCAM!! They try to convince people they will "save" money and instead have so many hidden fee's that it actually cost's MORE.

Some rep signed me up without my consent so when I moved, Planet Energy contacted me via "collections." I asked them to provide me with a signed copy of a contract, they sent me a standard contract with NO SIGNATURE!! I have asked several times for a copy of my signature on a contract...surprise, surprise...they can't produce one!!!



Please do your research. Acn is not a scam it is multi level marketing.

You earn money through sales of services and products. People can easily make money but it only depends on the effort you put in.

Clearly you quit after 4 days so you cannot complain that you failed.

Acn has made thousands of people financially free and given them more time to enjoy life. Its not acn doesnt work, its you thats not working.


Ok so an ACN "Rep" who I thought was a friend has been harrassing me for the last year to the point that I no longer accept or return his calls. He gave me the pitch, I asked several questions (what if I don't want to recruit, just sell, what's the earning potential?, what portion of the company's total revenue is generated by back end product sales as opposed to the $500 fee to sign up?, etc) NONE of which were answered.

They are well trained in talking a lot and not saying anything. So I started doing research, found out that %95 (approximately) of revenues are generated from the recruitment fee. I also noticed on these comment boards that self professed ACN reps all say the SAME THINGS like PARROTS in response to any negative comments about acn, I/E you're just lazy, you've got a $500 dollar mistake in your closet, so on and so forth. They NEVER address specific complaints, because there isn't an answer.

Finally, Donald Trump. Ya ya it was featured on his *** unreality show and he endorsed it. For 15 MILLION DOLLARS. Can you say PRODUCT PLACEMENT?!?!

The company isn't allowed to do business in Virginia, Montana, and ALL OF CANADA because those attorney generals have labeled it a pyramid scheme. If any of you "reps" out there can give a logical rebuttal to these points, I'm all ears. But you can't, so you will just call me lazy and ***. But I'm smart enough to keep hold of my $500.

Its really too bad you got ripped off, but it doesn't mean I'm going to.

Oh, and Rich, get a clue bro. Stop calling me.


@ Roman. OMG, you described the video phone so precisely! I can't tell you how many times the techs had me re-routing cables, and still the phone didn't work. Agree with you whole heartedly!

@ Just Pointing it Out. Really?? Clarity?? Not my experience!

Just an observation, but most of the disparaging remarks on this site are from ACN reps. Not very ethical if you ask me!


Wow, who on earth would tell a lie about a company just to flap their mouth - oh, I guess that is you because your story is so full of holes... none of what you said is true in anyway -


Can you believe this company called ACN, has sales people like Randy Taft, A CONVICTED SEX OFFENDER,

read here his details at,

courts of neces county texas site or corpus christi

He and his hispanic family tries to phrase that he is an innocent man, in contempt of court.

This family which had been fed on WELFARE, which some call as "WHITE TRASH",

and it is heard that their 20 year old mother from interior Guatemala married the 60 year old WHITE MAN

to get a green card and life of luxury, but this man was also very smart, he produced several kids before

he got her on this land.

Forward these to all women and families with children, to be aware of who they are around,

and check him at - randytaft dot acnrep dot com


We are trying to get the truth out about ACN and have copies of a Team Coordinators Paystubs and Income Declaration on our site. TCs claim to make $10,000 per month but this is proof they only make about $1,000.


The ACN and its representatives is bunch of lying scam bags. Then I signed up I been told bunch of lies, such as: "Our Guys calling home from Iraq using Video Phones and service is grate" , "You can take this Phone any there in a World there High Speed Internet is available and you will have free Phone with your number unchanged and everybody will be able to reach you as well as you still in your house without paying a dime for long distance or international calls" , "this Video Phone will work with wireless card" At a time I spent a lot of time abroad and liked this Idea of not to spent tons of time and money on SIM cards, local phones and international calls.

So I purchased 3 Phones for $600.00, sent one to Moscow Russia, to save on long distance and to see people I haven’t seen for a long time. Soon enough I find out ACN do not support Russia and none of my friends is able to use this Magical Video Phone. As well ACN do not support Asia, and Video Phone doesn’t work with wireless cards. And only people I was able to see through Video Phone is ACN Tech-Support staff.

Next thing I know, I stock with ACN product and monthly payments. And in is impossible to get out of contracts without paying early termination fees even I haven’t used these phones to call, so I paid $300.00 for early termination of two lines. One line I used for about one year, trying to figure out then it will start working as promised by ACN, constantly running on problems such as drop calls, service disconnection due to Video Phone losing its registration, and since I been instructed to connect my computer and later router, through video-phone I was constantly loosing internet connection and after all cable internet was frizzing soled, then I have someone talking on a phone. I spent hours with tech-support doing a "monkey job" of connecting and disconnecting cables from router, modem, and phone.

Back and forth up to the point, so if I see next ACN representative I will shove all of this cables in his/her *** and see if it will improve their service! The definition of a good service is then customer don't have to remember or even know a tech support number after signing up for service, all that costumer should do is to forget about provider existence and pay monthly bills. ACN is definitely *** service with the twist. I did schedule a last line cancelation in next 10 days.

Hope this message will help someone not to sign up for ACN Video Phone service.

I definitely will not miss an ACN Technicians voice in my ear and their face in my Video-Phone. One more thing don’t forget, if your internet is out, your Video Phone is out two.


Kevin Moening is a person with no respect with potential clients. He meet my wife trying to sell her on becoming part of ACN and instead he pursued her to have an affair.

My wife and I were having marriage problems and Kevin Moening took advantage of the situation and pursued to have an affair with my wife. He uses ACN to prey on women.

who ever is thinking of using ACN or doing business with Kevin Moening beware...He is a disgusting person with no respect what so ever for other people. What ever you do dont do business with him...


Sorry, make that "magicJack." I thought they spelled it with a "j" to be different...


Okay, you people seem to lack basic common sense. Everyone is not going to succeed with ACN. It takes a lot of hard work, skill and probably even a little luck. Not everyone who holds a meeting is making $3k to $7k a month, that would make them very successful. Getting involved is a risk, just like starting ANY company.

Comparing ACN's new videophone to Majic Jack is asinine, I won't even comment on that, but with regard to ACN being a "new thing," just check out the clarity of the video phone before you criticize it. Just try it one time, you will understand why so many people prefer it to Skype, etc.

I am not saying it is for everyone, but these critical comments hold no water.


I agree with that last guy!Next time your at a meeting and those same people are up there giving their "success story" , watch how they say "I'm in the POSITION to make $3000, $7000 ,or whatever per month, BUT they won't just come out and say what they ACTUALLY DID make !!! then the next week you'll see them standing up front saying the same *** thing !!!!!


I joined acn coned into it by my girlfriend .It's all about warm market, bull i didn't have much of a warm market They said no cold calling how are you supposed to do this if you don't go door to door. Some people can do this just like amway some can some can't but poor old me 500 dollars later it not what is seems it really is ascam for some Now the new thing is this digital phone service ever herd of magic jack im sure it cost cheaper than any thing acn has to offer it's not new but they will make you believe it is this new thing all i have to say is people check it out first i did'nt check it out so the joke is on me


People really do make tons of money, eh? According to the video, everybody is enjoying life - golfing, out on the boat, travelling to Europe, enjoying the family.

They don't look like they are working hard at all. That's the kind of job I was looking for.

You (and others) say "ya gotta work it to make a ton of money", so I guess the part showing how EASY life was going to be is a "lie".


ACN is not a scam. There are several reps in my area making tons of money.

Are they working it? Absolutely. If you don't work it, you don't get is as simple as that. It's like any other business.

You get out of it what you put in it. ACN is a wonderful business opportunity for those people who are willing to take the time and energy to make it work.


you people are ridiculous. they say 'what you can make' because they are avoiding lawsuits. they are not responsible if YOU DO NOT WORK. if you dont aquire customers, you dont make money.

thats not a scam. ACN is a business opportunity. treat it as such and you will have success.

and if you read the fine print, you would have known beforehand you would be getting a partial refund. 50 bucks out because you dont know how to read and dont know what the word 'opportunity' means? i think you did good. charge it to the game ***. and pay attention before you whip out your credit card next time.


Ladies and gentlemen, it is simple, stop being *** and simply don't expect much from ACN, I personally am in ACN, and let me tell you what I did, and what they ask you to do. Get 8 people cell phones (there are other way's to get points), but that's what I do.

Meanwhile tell people about the system.

You simply make dividends off of the people who are under you. It's not easy, but you're not praying off of anyone, you're simply making money.


I can not believe that people are preying on their friends, families, and neighbors at a time like this! We are in the worst financial state ever and instead of being honest people choose to join in a scam, WOW!

This is just so sad! I hope that this scam is revealed for what it is, BS!


I agree that acn is a scam.Everyone is always talking about what they "could" make but won't say what they "actually" make. Six month's ago there were 5 or 6 main meeting spots for Sat.

in Massachusetts....

now there is only one. Seems to me like it's falling apart in my state !!!!!!!

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