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If you want the worst service and worst phone on the planet get the acn video phone. You can't port your number to this phone until after you have their service first. The reason is because you have to select a phone number so they can program that number into the phone before they ship it. Acn will tell you it is a simple process but guess what you have to pay for two phone bills while the process occurs.

Then you will be disappointed with your phone as it does not work properly and you are constantl calling the "my service is awful" help line. Seriously the only thing the customer service does is tell you to turn on and off the phone.

The two year contract jails you. We had to switch service back to our other provider because the phone constantly had echos. Worst phone, worst service, and worst company ever.

Product or Service Mentioned: Acn Phone Service.

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BEWARE OF ACN AND ITS "INDEPENDENT BUSINESS OWNERS" (IBOs). They will lie to and scam you to get their dirty and greedy hands on your hard earned money.

That's how they do their so called "business"---WITH SECRECY AND DECEIT. They will deceive you and use every sneaky and underhanded tactic in the book to make you attend their "hush hush" meeting/s (won't tell you or lie to you about what company it is and what the meeting/gathering is about) and to make you part with your money either by joining them as "brainwashed" IBOs ($499 sign up fee on the spot) or as customers. Once they succeed in making you join and cough up your money (they will keep on hounding you through phone calls, e-mails, facebook, "visits",etc.), they will lie to you like tell you that there are no refunds (happened to a friend of mine who was scammed by her supposed "friend") when, in fact, you have 10 (short) days to cancel if you change your mind and get a full refund. ACN will take forever, if not downright ignore you, to issue your refund/s or to attend to any complaint/s.

Speaking of complaints, there are numerous (hundreds to thousands) as evidenced in this (first search blue) and other websites (pissed consumer, ripoff report, BBB, etc.). They (IBOs) will also not tell you, and you will just find it out on your own very much later once they have sucked you in already, that there are other fees like back office fees, annual dues, "training" materials, etc..ACN will charge every kind of fee (even just viewing your downline online) the founders can think of to fatten their already overflowing pockets/coffers. If they don't succeed in brainwashing you and getting your money, they will insult you and use every abusive language they can think of like loser, ***, ***, rotten apple, etc..They even have the temerity to insult those who work 9-5 jobs calling them *** and losers. The ACN people (IBOs, clones or plants) hired or assigned by ACN to surf the internet and reply to the complaints or negative ACN views, who respond to the posts online, especially those complaining against ACN, its IBOs and the products, use this offensive and insulting language.

They are brainwashed into thinking and telling others that you or anybody will never be successful or amount to anything without ACN. It is as if ACN is the end all and be all of their existence!!! Talk about being a cult and being brainwashed!!! The products and services they are reselling (hiding behind is more like it to keep ACN from being called a pyramid scheme) are *** outdated, lousy, overpriced, loaded with hidden fees and with activation and cancellation fees that are way more expensive.

You are better off buying or subscribing directly from the respective companies. The customer service is virtually non-existent or, if you are one of the lucky few able to get ahold of and talk to somebody, you will find out that, more often than not, they are rude, incompetent and does not know anything about their products or services. They (IBOs) don't know, don't care to know or are not interested to know about the products they are reselling. Try asking any of them about their products like how are you going to save, how much are your savings as compared to going direct, ask anything specific and, more often that not, you will be given a blank stare and will just be told to either look it up online or just follow blindly and do your friend/s a favor or be told that if you are going to be so inquisitive that maybe ACN is not for you.

They (IBOs) will flaunt their expensive cars (most if not all are leases though), boats, designer clothes and shoes, jewelries, etc. aside from showing videos of the "successful" ACN peoples' wealth at every meeting and convention to show the gullible how wealthy ACN made them, when they could not even afford to stay in hotels during one of their brainwashing pep rally or rah rah "training" (ACN founders money-making, pockets/coffers enriching) conventions (4-5 a year). They will mooch off or outright badger other people so they can stay at their place bringing other ACN IBOs without the "sponsor's" knowledge or permission--happened to a friend of mine. They (IBOs) don't know, don't care to know and are not interested in knowing about the products they are reselling.

Try asking them about their products like how are you going to save, how much are your savings as compared to going direct, ask anything specific and more often that not you will be given a blank stare and will just be told to either look it up online or just follow blindly and do your friend/s a favor. They (ACN and IBOs) are more into or focused on MONEY. The IBOs are more concerned with the commissions, bonuses, residual incomes and building or adding to their downlines (for more moolah). One more thing, ACN does not do any background checks on those they hire as IBOs.

Anybody who have the $499 sign up fee will be hired on the spot (they even hire teenagers as young as 15 years old, maybe younger). I have read that a lot of these IBOs are criminals---swindlers, sex offenders, gang members, mobsters, etc.. So be very, very careful in letting these people/strangers (IBOs) in your homes especially if you have small children.

The founders of ACN even praise ACN and its IBOs, on their websites, blogs, facebook and at every meeting and convention, for being Christians, have integrity, charitable, etc.. when they are more interested and focused on MONEY to the exclusion of everything else and, as I've said, they don't do any kind of check or investigation so they don't know anything about those they hire (or even their so called "business" partners or team members unless they are family or close friends) be it their religious affiliations (I know one who is an atheist), criminal histories, characters, etc..

STAY AWAY FROM ACN AND ITS IBOs if you love and value God, your soul, your families and your friends.


I worked ACN seriously for about two years. As my residual began to finally be somewhat substantial, I realized how absurdly *** the whole thing is. I learned a ton about myself going through this experience, but I wouldn't recommend it to anyone else.

ACN will make itself look very very legitimate, but it's not. Its one pig garbage heap. A dead rep cemetery.

Dont waste your time, and most importantly, dont buy into their "dream talk"...

Dream Big, and follow THAT energy... ACN will only give you empty promises and lead you astray.

Last, anyone who would actually be good at ACN, will laugh in your face if you show this to them. Why? Because its a ridiculous joke of a company. So freakn fake its disgusting.


don't drink the acn kool aid. we reached the prestigious rvp position.

after 5 years our residual was barely $5000.00 dollars. We were the number 3 rvp globally that year. we made $250,000 that year of which only $60,000 was residual. The rest came from recruiting bonuses.

the $499 goes to pay your upline for recruiting you. Acn is a revolving door. network marketing is great. find a good product based company.

Despite what acn says about product based companies, that's where the real residual income is. there are no profit margins in a service based company. What do you get for your $499? A business opportunity of course.

Where does the $499 go? Why do they charge a $3.00 surcharge on all the checks they pay out? Why do they have 4 conventions a year? That's where acn makes it's money.

Check out the fox news report on the internet that shows acn's head legal guru telling the news that most people don't make a profit in acn.

acn is the closest thing to a pyramid scheme there is. beware


complete scam you get paid off of people that go to work and make an honest living paying there bills? sounds like a freeloader!

also a 499 setup fee not sure about that one and also this goes to everyone that thinks this is a good idea when you invest in a bank its FDIC insured is "ANC?" it think no!!! Trust me people i make a honest living waking up at 630am in the morning and getting off at 630pm dont give your money to them would you scam your mom or dad?


@Get out now "In a few years, ACN won't even be around." Really? I'm sure that's what people said when they started in's 2011, ACN has been around for 18 years now. I'm pretty sure that says something.


Yeah, but it doesn't say anything 'good'.


Yeah it says save costs on advertising, and just hire people to be your advertisement, who actually pay 500$ to work for you. It's a reverse psychology jeti mindcrap that keeps the Vegas nightclubs in business.

Truthfully I never used their service, and before today I never heard from others who have.

Sounds to me like they found other ways of making money, that services are just a front, probably for irs purposes. Who knows, but we all know there's a risk, so damned if you do, or *** glad if you don't.


i'm considering getting into ACN. I'm raising three kids by myself can't afford to give up "$499" right now but am willing if this is legit.

I'm not a sells person. Any suggestions?


8) I'm in ACN 5 weeks and I'm having a bit of a rough start but I see the potential big time. One thing though - if ACN is going to continue to be competitive, they have to adjust their phone services.

$29 for local and unlimited long distance is fine, but then they are forced to throw on $11 more in taxes, access fees, etc. My phone bill went from $24 to $40. I just received my video phone which I got for presentation purposes.

They should lighten up on the marketing rules. Good Luck to ya.


Electricity will never come to most people's states. In a few years, ACN won't even be around. All their reps will be out of luck.


Interesting to read the mixed opinions about ACN. Basic truth is if you succeed you are for it, if you fail you are against it. I have been in ACN for around one year and in the last three months have earned a monthly check $15 to $36 to $65 to .... I figure if I do a little work every year within 5 years I will be over $4,000 a month income. Imagine what 10 years will look like.

Like any business there will be always hiccups and trials along the way but I have the long term vision. If you wish to be successful and know the truth about ACN join our winning team, contact me on

With Electricity coming imagine getting paid on ACN Energy.

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