Copperas Cove, Texas

the sprint and verizon services are some of the best in the business

the business compensation plan is fantastic

the people who complain are usually the same one who complain about your own judge and check it out

you wouldnt take financial advice from your broke brother in dont take business advice from a complainer or a quitter

opportunities are everywhere for many types of travel vitamins weight loss

acn is a services oriented company with a long successful history

not everyone gets rich but the ones who TRY will be a success at home

just dont quit

Reason of review: Good quality.

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'you wouldnt take financial advice from your broke brother in dont take business advice from a complainer or a quitter'... This is not bad advice, but you can't be following it if you are in this company.

If you check publicly available information on some of their so-called leaders, you will find RVPs and higher that have run multiple businesses into the ground, piling up millions in losses and hiding behind bankruptcies, convicted drug dealers, etc.

Whether you agree with this advice or not, these are the people you are following. Don't take my word for it either, look it up yourself !


ACN provides the absolute worst service I have ever experienced. They are completely inefficient and borderline incompetent.

Once you are locked into a two year contract and request any type of service you will be told that you will have a 30 day waiting period.

I am not going to go into specific details and WASTE any more time on their company but to make a long story short, DO NOT use them! Just go straight to at&t.


It is probably much easier to disprove this claim than to prove it! For example, tell us how it is possible for Sprint and Verizon service to be better, or as cost effective, when you add on the additional layers and costs of a middle-man, rather than going to the those providers directly???

ACN hardly has the resources or technology to compete with Verizon or Sprint, or any other large, established company, and some of us are not willing to settle for used phones with limited warranties. The Wall Street Journal had an article about Donald Trump bagging his paid relationship with this company, so is he now lumped in with the quitters you guys like to throw under the bus?


I wouldn't take financial advice from somebody with an evident lack in English grammar either.

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