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My friends called it a PYRAMID. This video helped me recognize the pyramid They were right...IT IS A PYRAMID. Just like my church and a corporation. It's just a fair one where everyone gets a fair chance.

When presented with the ACN services options, I was told they would be the same or better quality at the same or better price. They happened to be the EXACT same products at better prices than I was paying. They should have been more clear.

I would AVOID ACN at all cost....if youo are a lazy, whiny complainer. Because they FAIL at everything and will FAIL at ACN too.

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You don't think relationships get busted in the corporate pyramid? Climbing over your so-called friends back to get to the top of the ladder. It happens all the time-daily.


Listen, the reason people with money and success are edified, whether it be on a giant convention stage, or in your house is to show people that wont listen to your word real success. I'm sure you know plenty of people even close personal friends that think your dealing with a giant crock of ***, but as soon as Mr.

Moneybucks walks into the room their attention is fully devoted to listening to his experiences, hopefully to learn how to better yourself and put yourself into a more successful position in life. To be honest, I started with this company and haven't put down a single dime for training. When I finally put in the 500 dollar profit starter fee, I will be ready to help out family that needs better values for services they already have (Yes, I have looked at local availability and services so that I can keep my integrity and not tell friends and family a load of ***.) On top of that, it is better to be completely informed and see if this is for you before you throw down money, which is one major way people get gyped, when they see the opportunity but put in little to no work. No one wants to support someone that doesn't pull their own weight or even help themselves.

This company has integrity, and when you actually meet people like the Maser twins, whom I met and sat down to talk with, you're reassured of the REAL SUPPORT this company offers you from your upline. I wouldn't come on here and waste my time to read reviews and reassure myself of the legitimacy of the company if it wasn't worth my time.

I am currently in team Rockstar with a local magistrate in my traffic tribunal and a local lawyer that has been in his law practice for 30 years. If you think those types of people have time to waste on an illegitimate venture, then so be it, but I know that I'm working to make money, not watch it fly by me.


I think what you need to realize is how *** you sound when you call up old friends out of the blue to introduce them to this "fabulous business opportunity" involving "telecommunications and energy." We're so excited, we just want to show you a presentation! Do you know how that sounds?

Super. Duper.

*** Oh and Donald Trump? Not a selling point to most people at this point.


People, don't assume of anything until you see it for your self. That is why acn has meetings established, where introductory is given and training follows.

ACN is not for everyone :) you have got to be self motivator and hard working and be prepared to do so from 2-5 years establishing your business, YES YOUR BUSINESS, not “easy money coming my way dream” until youll feel comfortable financially.


I hear that ACN hires motivational speakers to pretend they are reps making hugh amounts of money. BE AWARE and STAY AWAY and don't believe a word from those claiming to be reps and making money.


MattR! so when u go to walmart, costco, king sooppers, or city market, the people that are standing at the entrance with a booth about dish network, or comcast, or directv, thats acn with the exception that acn doesnt just target one provider they work with cell phone companies and home security companies and home phone services.

try to stay open minded with this one, what were doing is advertising in a more personal level I guess you can say, the reason for the presentation is to show you what were doing and because were so excited about this we want our family and friends to be a part of this the presentation should have explained how your not being scamed your just paying for services that youu already have and the ACN rep is getting a small % of that for going out and signing you up with the service. its alot of work but when you get going with it it all pays off, i met a few people at some training classes I went to that started out struggling alot and are now millionairs, take mindy deeble look her up on you tube, jeff black aswell, these are two people I met at training seminars and I believe their story because i am in similler situations. before I finish I just want to say if you still think this is a scam why does Donald Trump want to buy this company?

Its because he sees money!! that is all.


Sure, churches and corporations are structured in a pyramid-esque fashion... but the shape isn't the problem.

Its the relationships that are busted on your way to establishing a downline. I'm not even going to start on the absolute bogus promises of "financial freedom" they attempt to shove down your throat. Thats just snake oil. Also...

you notice they always prop up those people that have boats and big houses and tons of toys and say "LOOK... now thats someone to respect". Its materialistic brainwashing. And listen to all of the *** coin phrases they use like "your just a dream-stealer" and "whiners cant be winners".

OMG Matt.

Wake up man. For your own good.

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