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My sister signed up with them 5 days ago. And now she walking around like a *** zombie.

She hasn't slept in days and all she keep talking about is this "breakthrough" she had at the meeting. she had at one of their meetings. I swear I feel like she has been brainwashed. Our family is scared she keeps talking about Angels and demons and buisness.

And how she bridging the gap between buisness and personal. Our family is scared and worried and upset. We don't know what to do! She is a hardworking mother of twins.

And they need her. We need her. I can't believe this is happening to my out sister. Stay away from acn.

She spent her last 500 to join and is now trying to swindle all her friends to do it with some meeting their having tonight. It's heartbreaking to see her act like this.

She is literally delirious. Please pray for us if you read this.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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That's Network marketing.. It's like a cult..

Once you joined, you're bound by spirits and souls and the bigger spirit feed on you. That's why only Angels exist in heaven as they walk in unison with one pure spirit and truth. However, earthly network marketing will suck you dry. Few ever succeed.

And some are *** scammers parading themselves as rich people, they will suck you dry. There are few genuine ones but you need to look and search deeper.

Learn about branding yourself and using your own skills. it's better


Prayers goes out to her and family.


I have never heard of such absurdity

I don't believe a company that has so many successful entrepreneurs can cause someone to speak of demons.

If you have owned your own business then it is not uncommon to ask for help from your family and friends.

I feel very sorry that your family is upset about her condition but it is plan deformation of character to blame ACN.


Why don't you all support and pray for her of what she believe in instead taking her AWAY of her DREAMS that she LOVE to do.. I'am a caretaker for my mother who has a massive stroke and divorce also.

No one to rely on my needs or financial. But i'am still doing what i believed in or love to do Home business!

You all love her then accepted what she wanted to changes in her life and better lifestyle! Thank you!


Might want to check out http://www.acnpyramidscheme.com


Sounds like it was preexisting


My daughter joined a year ago and is the same way. I think they use some satanic brainwashing. My daughter is like someone else since she joined this undercover cult.


everyone is brainwashed.. your a slave to your corporate jobs...lol this is too funny

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