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I was mislead to believe that ACN would have Energy in AUSTRALIA back in March 2011 by one of it's so called leaders. So I joined, committed to a heap of products that I didn't need or really want but was told that this has to be done to be qualified for commission etc.I sponsored about 20 new reps and they where all told the same and did the same.

My commission by the way was just $11 in total.

Now I am writting to AISC & ACCC to formally complain about this complete fabrication that has occurred. DO NOT GET INVOLVED WITH THIS COMPANY IN ANY WAY.

Monetary Loss: $5000.

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Why is it when anyone, 'educated' to the glorious truths of acn, or not, post a comment that has any negative connotation they are viciously attacked by the wiser individuals amongst us proclaiming acn greatness? Sorta feels like a cult brainwashed to protect what only the could possibly understand!



Yes, while an IBO in ACN must reach a certain number of product points in order to qualify,(much like a 'trial period' in conventional emplyment)NOWHERE in the business model does it directly say or elude to the fact that YOU have to connect ANY services personally. The services can be connected to anyone - Your customers for instance.

If you had an organisation with that many IBO's & you failed to generate a decent income...I would imagine it would be because you;

A) Didnt educate yourself or your IBO's on how to conduct your business correctly

B) Didnt educate yourself on business in general.

A word of advise for anyone considering a newtork marketing business of ANY description....IT IS A BUSINESS. Not a pretty puffy cloud that drops ferarri's out of the sky. Like any BUSINESS - WORK NEEDS TO DONE. Research needs to be conducted. Time & ingenuative EFFORT needs to be put in over time, all the while a business structure & model must be understood and followed.

If you join a MLM opportunity & dont educate yourself & therefor are NOT successful(even after all of the support that is offered by the Companies) Dont stoop to blaming the Companies, their structures or your upline...Take a long hard look at YOURSELVES and take stock of what you really did to educted yourself and those working with you...You probably find that its not a problem with the MLM Companies...but a problems with YOU & your lack of ablitiy to be eductaed and mentored. 8)

@ACN ***cess Story

Did you take any action against ACN? Are you still interested in taking action.. Like a class action


ozlotto, sounds like you thought acn was a get rich quick scheme. Those schemes are illegal.

ACN provides the opportunity to direct sell their products.

Always look to information from the company and not independent reps who could fabricate information. As you would probably already know, you can earn 10% of your billing once you have the required customers and any really decent income from other reps you introduce doesn't start until your 6 & 7 levels which takes some time to come.


ACN are great at misleading. I'm so happy you are going to the ACCC.

I hope this company gets shut down. Good luck.


I think that you have not looked at the picture, the money works for the people that want it to work, yes it starts small and as your business grows the money grows.

And if you are that hung up on electricty then you are in it for thr wrong reason.Talk to the person who got you envolved and have them talk to there upline to help you.

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