Hilliard, Ohio

The only way to fail at ACN is not to follow the Comp Plan. The Comp Plan requires Independent Business Owners to acquire 60 customer points or roughly 30 services to make a 10% residual.

Which can be done as easily as one customer appointment a week for 12 weeks. ACN pays residual 90 days in the rears so if you acquired 3 services a week by the time you received your first residual check it would be at 10%. The clown who received a check for $10 after several months simply did not do the work required to be paid 10%. He received a 1% check for his minimal effort.

I have been a traditional business owner for over 30 years, this has been one of the smartest decisions I have ever made. Let's be big boys here, some people have no business being in business for themselves. When you work for yourself, you are the one that has to look in the mirror and tell yourself to go to work each day. Treat your ACN business like a business and you will make money.

Treat your ACN business like a hobby and it will cost you money like every hobby does. If you were an employee and didn't punch your time clock or meet your quota for the week, you would probably not make a very good check that week.

ACN pays very well for the value that each IBO brings to the company. The key to success is bring value, add a customer account each week or a new IBO who brings customers and your checks will increase.

Reason of review: Good quality.

ACN Pros: Opportunity.

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Except at the meetings, ACN is sold as something you can do part-time as in instead of getting an actual paying part time job, pay us $500 and see what happens if you don't treat it like a full time job (you lose all that money plus some, friends, trust) while you could have signed up for a part time job as just was easily made $500 plus instead.

If ACN requires so much dedication, it should be touted as a second full time job not as something you can do on the side for a little extra money.


To make any money in ACN you need to become a recruting machine.


Want to disprove ACN? Take a math class.




How many IBO's do you have to have under you to earn that 10 percent? What bothers me about ACN is that they put so much emphasis on selling their Business Oportunity for 499 rather then the video phones, alarm systems etc.

Why do you need to PAY THEM for the privilege of selling THEIR products. I don't know any other business that acts that way.


None just need customers


It's up to 10%. Clarify that.

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