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For everyone's information, I absolutely was educated on ACN before and throughout the entire time I was tainted by it. I did work hard at it, and it absolutely ended up being worthless. ACN just does not make good, quality, ethical business sense. Their products ended up being worthless. There was no real service or quality product, in the end what is left? Nothing but BS! I ended up with worthless phone that looked like it was 15 years outdated which I could never use because nobody else had one to match it, a bunch of *** scam magazines. Then there was all the other money and time wasted going to their training's. Then there was all my friends and family time I wasted, I just ended up feeling like a *** for having tried to believe in this in the face of those I care about, ACN was just a nightmare in the end.

Everything else in life that I've put as much work and money into made sense and I have been very successful at. I'm great at doing things that make sense, that render a real service, talent, or quality product. ACN is none of those, it's just a pyramid scheme with *** for products. It may be easier to ride the scam train longer and further in bigger cities. But, in rural areas it becomes evident fast how much this turns people into fools.

Don't humiliate yourself, stay away from ACN. Don't drag your friends and family into such pathetic ***. They expect you to call everyone you know and waste their time hearing about this worthless, pointless, sorry excuse for a business.

If ACN was based on quality services and products then people would want those services and products and wouldn't need lies and such invasive persuasion.

Original review posted by user Apr 26, 2011

I became and ACN Representative in North Carolina, spent $500 on setting up an ACN franchise (was told this was all it would cost but found out that's not true), then I found out there's an annual fee too, then I ended up getting services I didn't want or need just to make it work, then I ended up spending money on their marketing material, then I had three Private Business Meetings (PBR's) in my home, then I found out that no one in my area wanted to do it despite my "going by the book exactly as they suggested", at the same time the people that got me in were saying misleading me over and over saying we're going to have this type of PBR at so and so's and this persuasive person will be there when that wasn't happening, they'll help me with some of my "warm leads" because they knew them too but they never did follow through as they said they would, they'll always be there to help me if I have questions but they couldn't answer my questions on the phone so they said they would meet with me when they were in town and they kept flaking out, then they said just go to the trainings in Charlotte, which I did 3 times only to find that the information was always the same and never answered my questions or gave me a way to answer them. Man, so in the end I'm stuck with Direct TV, which I never wanted because I use Netflix, and ACN phone that SUCKS because the thing doesn't consistently work and no one else I know has a video phone so here I am a year later and still haven't used this expensive and worthless phone realizing I could have been better off using Skype which by the way is way better and more versatile and in one month I've used with several people all over the world. So, in the end I wasted a LOT of time trying to convince my friends to waste their money and time so people which is a bit humiliating, and I wasted over a $1,000 on this, was mislead over and over by people I thought were respectable people, etc....

It's funny because these people act like they're helping people, but you can't help people if you're hurting people. This did hurt me only to help those that were higher up. This may work for some, but it doesn't work for all, but in my experienced opinion it's very pyramid like scammy and did more harm than good for me and other around me, a bit waste of time and money. These people aren't providing a real service or product to anyone, it's more about trying to exploit people you know, in my opinion.

I will be putting together some sites that will be very optimized in the direction of the market this company is in to illustrate what happened to me. I've not even got started in voicing my opinion on this;) Yours truly, ex ACN Representative in NC!

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You're getting paid recruiting people. You left that part out.


PEOPLE Never cease to amaze me. SCAM?

RESEARCH? What research can you do that Donald Trump and his lawyers haven't already done!!! A little bit of ACN history for you skeptical people, Donald Trump actually wanted to buy ACN but the Founders didn't want to sell. He wasn't paid to endorse ACN...he's a BILLIONAIRE and i'm pretty sure he didn't need the money.

If I was a billionaire I wouldn't want to attach my name nor my brand to something that was a well known scam.

Stop finding reason to shame this company and just admit that its the *** ***!! :) :) :) 8) 8) 8) :grin :grin :grin


@jeffrow I LOVE ACN! Im getting paid residual income and know that it takes hardwork and dedication.

Just because you paid an investment doesn't mean you're going to make have to be coachable and do as your mentors say. Think of it as BIG business. If you treat ACN like a hobby you'll get paid like a hobby but if you treat it like BIG business you'll get paid that way. So simple.

Don't slander a company just because it didn't work for you. :zzz :zzz :zzz :zzz :zzz :zzz :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin


You recruit people and teach them to recruit other people. You're awesome.


Having looked at the ACN opportunity in detail I can assure you it's not a pyramid scheme because there are a genuine range of products and services for sale. Yes, you do also get paid incentives for recruiting but that strategy is widely used across business in general.

It's not uncommon to be paid a "referral reward" for recommending a person to the company you work for. There's nothing underhanded or illegal about the "recruiting" process ACN use to expand their business. However, if an individual chooses to only focus their efforts on recruiting and shuns acquiring customers that is the road to ruin. The life blood of any company is it's products and services.

If I knew a first hand that a product or service was sub-standard and not fit for purpose I wouldn't sell it. I would focus on the products and services that were reputable because the sub-standard products would reflect badly on me in the eyes of my customers. People in ACN opportunity are self-employed Independent Business Owners so if you don't agree with the methods being taught develop your own methods, seek out better mentors and grow your business with integrity. Don't opt to behave like a victim when you have full control as a self-employed person.

I'm in the UK with a market of 63 million people. If the people who are moaning are in the U.S. realise this - you have a market of 322 million, so there's no need to rush growing your business whether it's plumbing, carpentry, hair dressing or ACN. Operate with integrity, there'll be good months and there'll be bad months that doesn't mean you have to start taking underhanded short cuts in the quest to "get rich quick".

There are dishonourable people in every form of business you can name. Choose the products and services you promote and sell carefully. That will give you more confidence in your pitch which will lead to more successful transactions By the way, if physical products can be purchased online by the customer directly why would any business owner opt to buy the product, find space to store them, then ship them to the customer out of his or her pocket? Please engage your common sense.

Do the numbers on a piece of paper and you quickly see that approach makes no financial sense in the short or the long-term.

Do not blame others or an inanimate business model for your lack of profit. Blame yourself for being naive, gullible and overly dependent on the questionable advice of your mentors.


I have been in acn for exactly 16 days. I have made exactly 1500.00 bonus. I made exactly 600.00 in my regular job....see?


You only get the monthly bonus once. They make it sound special, but then you realize those upstart bonuses are EVERY month.


This is a business with a flow chart similar to any corporation, except it provides a residual or renewal income, in addition to the direct selling stream, similar to getting a piece of an insurance premium. If you invest in a business, and you don't want to put in the time and energy and hard work to build it as a professional, then of course it won't work for you.

My advice is to stop wasting your time being a victim and get out there and do what every successful person does - work hard, be positive, and stop blaming everyone else for your inability to succeed in a very reputable company. Attitude is 99% of success in any field.

@ACN pro

Bull ***, she just got unlucky that her warm market did not take to it. She did work hard and when she asked for help no one did.

ACN does not allow you to promote your business as business only thru relationship marketing. So shove it up your ***!!


If you have a large family you can SCAM!! this is a great business, if you are a real estate agent with NEW HOME SALES it is a great business to SCAM people.

No business skills required. Tell the customer anything you can to get them to be a SALE PERSON and sell air!! You make money off each new PERSON you get to sign on.

if they do not SCAM enough people they are unhappy and complain for the GUY/gal THAT GOT them on they are SITTING HAPPY, your locked in for at least 1,2 years into each PRODUCT!! Next time someone you KNOW is trying to sell you something ask WHAT IS IN IT FOR THEM!!


ACN is about recruiting. This is where the money is made.

The trick is creating a downline selling the "Dream" that becomes a recruiting machine. Once those CAB's (Customer Acquisition Bonuses) start rolling in it becomes worth it to keep recruiting. This is fact and this is what they teach in the training and international events. Anyone who is a high producing ETL and above knows it's a numbers game and to succeed they have to have hundred of people under them.

Again, fact. They will never admit it's an absolute pyramid scheme because they're making money sucking in whoever is willing to join. I was disappointed when I found that Xoom Energy was also sold by Fortune High Tech Marketing.

For you pro-acn people please look up that company and get back to us. I guarantee it will sound familiar.


This person is obviously upset because they didn't do the work to become successful. People hear success stories in ACN and think it will happen quickly or overnight.

I personally know of people making over $200k/ month in their 5th and 8th years respectively.

This guy needs to stop complaining about his experience and get his job back working for "the man" hourly, never getting anywhere!

ACN works, if you work it!!!


Not everyone has a wide network of friends and family and many do not know how to recruit or do not have the courage to overcome knowing most people perceive this as a scam and fear alienating there closest people. They signed up because of the super feel good energy the presentation gives, and get caught up in the hype, and try to make the right decsion that feels like it must be made right away.

They can really make anyone feel *** not to join, fact is many cannoy overcome the negativity of the real world. ACN knows this and knows most will fail, so they are using people.

kind of like tome share sales people. This make a decision now *** only to find much more detail after you buy tactics is evil and should be illegal.


I have researched ACN and attended several of the information (recruitment) meetings in Ontario Canada. This is what I found

1. Claims that offering ACN services as an alternative to major providers is not an attempt at selling but an attempt to help people. I can only assume that they mean help them save money.

I disagree with this Idea for several reasons. Both the electricity and gas services are specifically designed to make sure you pay more for your existing energy than you do now and over the 5 year term. I have spent over 12 hours researching the history of both of these commodity and there regulating agency's including the recent news regarding government policies which will effect the prices of gas and electricity in Ontario. I then projected the worst case scenario for the futures and extrapolated them over a 5 year term. (I am not trying to tell the future but merely finding the plausible worst case scenario). When I was finished I compared the plans offered through planet energy from ACN and the worst case prices and the rates posted by ACN could not only save anyone a dime but it cost substantially more than just paying the original supplier.

Furthermore, the internet and home phone bundle are products that can be purchase elsewhere for the same price (Vontage) but I dislike the fact that the recruiter's emphasis on immediately pushing these products within the first 24 hours of you signing up.

1. If you sign up for the bundle your self you have to sell it before you can be sure that the product works as you don't receive you own for weeks.

2. Immediately you are told to sell it to your family and friends and to do that you will tell them that it is great but you cant give a honest opinion because you have not used the service.

Finnaly, if you try to do research online regarding testimonials, ACN has pushed for IBO's to post so many videos promoting the company with fake names it is difficult to sift throught the bull.

In short, if you sign up, you can make money. However, the money you make will be from ripping people off. This would be bad enough in itself but ACN dose it while telling you that they are helping you. Thank you there is already an organization that is quite good at that very thing.... Our Government.

@Tone the bone

when I heard about acn, I went out and did my research

does the product exists, yes

are they scamming me? only if I let them

all in all I gave it a long hard thought, talked to several of my friends who are in self employed and have experience in marketing and commerce background

I think the issue with the "ACN SUCKS" is that he did get the short of end of the stick, and the person and team that signed him did not fully understand how ACN works, which is very unfortunate

I'm from Vancouver BC in which ACN has developed over 2 years and from the information I've gathered from those that joined in the very beginning, the system was a mess.

The system that Canadian ACN has implemented has changed dramatically with constant upline and team support, learning and feeding off everyone's experience in every different fields. Everyday of every week, they host organized training sessions from how to acquire customers, to product information, how to introduce ACN to other people, the list goes on with every issue that needs attention be brought to ACN teams attention.

Natural Gas may not save money for those living in small homes, but working in large establishments, restaurants and hotels, apartment complexes, this is a very big issue.

Establishments like these, actually have to sign up for contracts, because of the big impact a bit of fluctuation in the market causes for them.

What I don't understand is, why would you try to rip someone off? It is YOUR job as an ACN representative to find out IF you can help them save money, not force them to switch. I've approached several of my friends and family, and I did manage to save them several amounts and some I was not able to, so I did not offer. If there has been an issue with the product, why did you not state that you claim to customer care that it's not functioning properly and what the result was? Welcome to the Marketing world, it is easier that they had you exposed to friends and family members to say no to you than to make cold calls and feeling more like a failure. ACN is constant training everyday, it's also a lot of hard work and it benefits a lot with a good team and team trainers. It was silly to sign on for a service that you ended up paying more for, but not everyone gets the benefit of having great plans and rates, it's your job to find out if you can help those that don't know. When you switched your service over, did someone train you that you can politely contact (vontage) verizon etc to see if they can better the plan you had prior to switching to their service and politely "threaten" to leave the service.

I am very sorry that your ACN experience was not pleasant.

@Tone the bone

Sorry Tone the Bone(really?) you are wrong. The products offered through ACN ARE at a discount.

You cannot extrapolate the gas prices, because they are flexible. I have done research (in my area) PG&e's prices on over 150 customers over a period of one year were an average of 13% higher than Zoom energy. Some bills were lower, most were much higher, some as much as 30%.

ACN can't provide a great savings for everyone, but in my experience a substantial savings is achievable.

It is all about relationships. I would rather buy from someone I know and trust to help them than but from a stranger!

ACN works, and it is proven over and over again.

Now with merchant credit services, it will literally go THROUGH THE ROOF!!!


@to yikes:

"If you want to suksed dont stop overcum adaped its humin natur we are still hear after millions off years do you think nagitivity well kill the humin rase"

You are pretty representative of the kind of person who would fall victim to the ACN scam. You are illiterate.


Oh man that cut like a surgical knife. Lulz


Annex Building 920....

I appreciate your honesty. ACN is a freaking sham and it sad what they do! The state of Montana has actually stopped them from selling in the state because they did their own evaluation on them.

Freaking crazy!


Obviously you have no idea what this "sham" is all about! More sour grapes?

I make my residual income every month and laugh when I hear haters like you speak out of the wrong end about my company. Learn how to do some real research. Most people's idea of research is Google, which is absolutely *** man's research!

Keep working hourly for peanuts while all your big bosses get rich! Good luck!

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