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For everyone's information, I absolutely was educated on ACN before and throughout the entire time I was tainted by it. I did work hard at it, and it absolutely ended up being worthless. ACN just does not make good, quality, ethical business sense. Their products ended up being worthless. There was no real service or quality product, in the end what is left? Nothing but BS! I ended up with worthless phone that looked like it was 15 years outdated which I could never use because nobody else had one to match it, a bunch of *** scam magazines. Then there was all the other money and time wasted going to their training's. Then there was all my friends and family time I wasted, I just ended up feeling like a *** for having tried to believe in this in the face of those I care about, ACN was just a nightmare in the end.

Everything else in life that I've put as much work and money into made sense and I have been very successful at. I'm great at doing things that make sense, that render a real service, talent, or quality product. ACN is none of those, it's just a pyramid scheme with *** for products. It may be easier to ride the scam train longer and further in bigger cities. But, in rural areas it becomes evident fast how much this turns people into fools.

Don't humiliate yourself, stay away from ACN. Don't drag your friends and family into such pathetic ***. They expect you to call everyone you know and waste their time hearing about this worthless, pointless, sorry excuse for a business.

If ACN was based on quality services and products then people would want those services and products and wouldn't need lies and such invasive persuasion.

Original review posted by user Apr 26, 2011

I became and ACN Representative in North Carolina, spent $500 on setting up an ACN franchise (was told this was all it would cost but found out that's not true), then I found out there's an annual fee too, then I ended up getting services I didn't want or need just to make it work, then I ended up spending money on their marketing material, then I had three Private Business Meetings (PBR's) in my home, then I found out that no one in my area wanted to do it despite my "going by the book exactly as they suggested", at the same time the people that got me in were saying misleading me over and over saying we're going to have this type of PBR at so and so's and this persuasive person will be there when that wasn't happening, they'll help me with some of my "warm leads" because they knew them too but they never did follow through as they said they would, they'll always be there to help me if I have questions but they couldn't answer my questions on the phone so they said they would meet with me when they were in town and they kept flaking out, then they said just go to the trainings in Charlotte, which I did 3 times only to find that the information was always the same and never answered my questions or gave me a way to answer them. Man, so in the end I'm stuck with Direct TV, which I never wanted because I use Netflix, and ACN phone that SUCKS because the thing doesn't consistently work and no one else I know has a video phone so here I am a year later and still haven't used this expensive and worthless phone realizing I could have been better off using Skype which by the way is way better and more versatile and in one month I've used with several people all over the world. So, in the end I wasted a LOT of time trying to convince my friends to waste their money and time so people which is a bit humiliating, and I wasted over a $1,000 on this, was mislead over and over by people I thought were respectable people, etc....

It's funny because these people act like they're helping people, but you can't help people if you're hurting people. This did hurt me only to help those that were higher up. This may work for some, but it doesn't work for all, but in my experienced opinion it's very pyramid like scammy and did more harm than good for me and other around me, a bit waste of time and money. These people aren't providing a real service or product to anyone, it's more about trying to exploit people you know, in my opinion.

I will be putting together some sites that will be very optimized in the direction of the market this company is in to illustrate what happened to me. I've not even got started in voicing my opinion on this;) Yours truly, ex ACN Representative in NC!

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I forgot to also point one revelation.

Do you know why my name is signed:

"Annex building 920"

Simple.....That is the building where the call center, business center, customer service, dsl services - and so on - is.

It is directly on your right when you pull into the ACN world HQ in Concord, NC. you know.



Before passing judgement on me, you should read a bit carefully.

As far as "hanging up" my "drawn out" reason for why they "suck"

Apparently my statement, from line two, was not clear enough for you. So let me shorten this down for you my friend.

"I worked at ACN for 3 years when they opened in Concord NC, from day one of opening."

As far as "certified" information, well, this would not be possible as no such "certifications" are written for first hand information. I assume you want me to get a hand signed document from the 4 primary executives there?

Yea, wish me luck on that one.

As far as knowing the "real people" in the company - again, please read.

I would have thought my detailed knowledge of the practices there would have been enough prove that they are "Facts" and not "Thoughts" - apparently not.

If you want to know more, you could call and ask the call agents yourself. But then again, they can not tell you the truth - or they would be fired.

As much as they would like to leave, the current state of the economy does not allow this for most of the employees.

Now, to more interesting points.

I worked at all levels of ACN - from the call center on up. I witnessed nothing but corruption.

Jokes are even thrown around in team meetings about such "problems" .

To try and add new perspective, I find it funny that the senior employees - and original Vice President of operations left ACN pretty early when they "restructured". Due to the "honesty" of the company.

As far as I am concerned with you - well, if you are an ACN rep and it is working out for you - great, I hope you never get bashed by the company.

Though from your writing, it sounds more like you are someone who works there - and is trying to defend it, as there is truth in what I said.

Either way, I just made assumptions about you and passed judgement as well.

Your turn my good man.


Annex, I'd like to see these facts on ACN's call centers and the facts behind everything you said, because while it gave a good perspective on how the company works, I don't see any certified information backing you up, making it look more and more like opinion, and "facts" based off of hear-say and "experience," which means unless you worked as a call center agent at ACN or any other company SIMILAR to it, not a telemarketing company or the company that sells your router, I think you should hang up the long drawn out reason for why this company sucks based off of what? Instead, you should go and find out more about it's legitimacy. Maybe if you really find the honest people involved in this company, you can get the real information, instead of the scam.


@ yikes: hang in there. Like any profession, there is a specific skillset to be successful in this business. It does take time to learn it but it is doable.



I worked at ACN for 3 years when they opened in Concord NC, from day one of opening.

Here is some internal insight from many, MANY employees.


At first, ACN was a great place. Slowly but surely - they showed the workers in Annex 920 - (Tech Support, rep services, customer service, billing) - their true colors.

In most, if not all, call centers - agents are given one service to learn and support.

In this regard, you become a master of that service.

Thus allowing quick and expert support.

At ACN, when you call tech support - it is not split departments.

Each support agent is expected to service ALL products, at the same level of pay you started at.

This means each agent has to support DSL, VoIP, PBX, Minor Billing, Cancellation Permission (you don't get free cancellation unless tech says you can to CS), Email support, remote PC support, router setup and support, etc etc....

And you wonder why sometimes the wait times are so long? Why you sometimes you never get a promised call back?

Don't bother thinking that Tier 1 and Tier 2 support are different.

Each one is the same classification of support - the only difference is the pay grade.

When you ask for a supervisor, 70% of the time it is not a supervisor.

It is an agent acting like one, as most of the time a supervisor is not even on the floor.

Do not bother saying you did some sort of troubleshooting before you are called.

You will be ignored and asked to do it again - as it was not documented on a call.

Do not get irate, it will almost gurantee no proper resolution, as it is recorded.

ALL calls are recorded.

Even as a worker - you get ripped off.



Promotions are not relative, and generally not possible either.

Meaning "agents" get duped into doing many higher level jobs, while generally promised a promotion to that job at some point - (Yes, this means they are at the same low pay grade; even though they are doing a much higher paid job).

The agent will but then get booted after they work with HQ to complete the job.

Later they will find out that someone, with lower experience, gets hired for the very position they worked to create.

The kicker - the agent that did the job for ACN, and then was lied to about a promotion, is expected to train the person they hired.....


Employee Safety:

Did you try to come to work in an ice covered land, (since NC is never prepared for ice and snow), and you have a wreck?

Great, you will be written up for being absent - no matter the cause.

Did you call out because you could not get out of the driveway?

Great - write up.

Is there a hurricane destroying property right in front of you?

You better come in, no matter what the hazard is.

You will also be forced to use a vacation day if this happens.

So you get ripped twice.


So you want Federal holidays off?

Forget getting ANY holiday off.

Well, that is - unless you are in the "white house", (headquarters), next door.

They get everything off.

Medical Conditions:

Got doctors orders to be out, and you use your FMLA benefit, be prepared to get fired relatively soon.


Now, to the best part: Support and Service

Agents are not exactly trained to help you, not at all.

They are trained to get you off the phone within 12-15 minutes, no matter what.

Even if the fix is just temporary, (not a band aid), it will be ok - no matter if it causes several call backs for the same problem.

Ever noticed that many times, around that time mark, they say they need to get off and do testing and call you back later - when the issue does not require testing.

(Given, some issues do require testing.)

If the agent does not get you off within 12-15 minutes, it can raise their overall call time.

This leads to corrective action - and possible termination within a month or so.

Also, if you call an agent right before lunch or their break time, causing them to not go to lunch or break on time at their scheduled time, they get in trouble for not staying within "coherence".

This can lead to write ups and corrective action as well.

If you call an agent at closing time, and do not have the courtesy to hang up and call back in the morning, they get in trouble for staying late due to overtime.

Floor walkers, (an agent who walks around helping others), are not based on experience or knowledge.

They are based on how fast they can get you off the phone.

This means, more often than not, if a hard question comes up - they will go to a smarter agent to get an answer.

Makes "sense" doesn't it?

QA Script:


QA has turned most of the agents into robots.

If you do not follow the script exactly, you loose points. Causing corrective action.

The Script only helped increase call times.

This was not the case until about a year to two ago.

Elements of QA script are:

Generic greeting

Get the account information first

Acknowldge the issue + use generic apology + promise fix

Solve issue

Get in a positive statement

Acknowledge solved issue, (even if you know it is a band-aid only).

PRAY they don't call back.

Layout of Elements:


Generic Greeting:

- "Thank you for calling ACN, my name is (insert name), how can i help you?"

Get the account information first:

- You must get the registration info and 4 digit code. If they do not know it, you can't generally help them.

- If they tell you what the issue is first, you must ignore it.

- - If you say anything about the issue before validating the account - you will get hit for "going into a business state".

Acknowldge the issue + use generic apology + promise fix:

- "Oh, I'm sorry to hear about (issue), but I will definately get that fixed for you!"

- - Understand, if you use the same statement, or type of apology - you will get docked.

- - If you do not promise a fix, even though you know it can't be, you get docked.

Solve issue:

- QA expects you to take as much time as needed to solve the issue. If not, you get docked.

- Management expects you to get off the phone within 12 minutes, no matter what - or you get docked with them....

- - It is a no win situation in most cases.

Get in a positive statement:

- You MUST somehow get in something like "Oh, that is so great to hear", or you get docked.

- - Even if this is not possible, or the person is irate.

Acknowledge solved issue:

- *** the person into thinking the issue is solved, even if it is just a band-aid.

PRAY they don't call back.

- A customer calling back within a few days, even if it is for a totally different issue, will get you docked.

Basic Training:


Agents are trained NOT to give you an RMA (Replacement device)

Even if they do, 90% of the time, it is a Refurbished device. It is not new.



For DSL, they are trained not to have to roll a truck if at all possible.

They are trained to inform you VoIP is NOT supported in; hotels, businesses, out of the country, school networks, behind a firewall, on dial or - line of sight - WiFi - satellite internet, etc.

Customer Service:


They are trained to not reveal all the fees - until you call in wondering why you are being charged for other items.

Customer service is trained to tell you, if a rep signs you up, that it is not applicable for you to cancel any service without an ETF (early termination fee).



ACN says you are supposed to go "by the book" when selling services, or you could be "fired". one has ever been let go when they moved to NC. No atter how dis-honest they are.

In the annex, the support agents repeatedly hear "well my rep told me this" - the response is generally "I'm sorry to hear that, but you should have been the one to sign up" - followed by that they can't do anything.

The Reps making the big money, (we see the reports), are not that honest.

One would be Mr. Joel Fragger - or however the heck you spell his name.

Shows and Conventions:


ACN makes the real money off the reps, not the service.

Reports indicate that sign ups are the money maker.

At the seasonal conventions, (a gathering of people who drank the kool-aid), the cash flow is 3+ million dollars. Hard to believe isn't it?


I can go on and on about practice and policies.

I just hope this much makes you think twice.

In the end, I escaped in a classy way.

Matter of fact, I am about the ONLY person who left in a classy manner.

Most just don't come back, or are fired.

I went on to become a broadcast and video producer, as part of being a front end media engineer.


Doesn't MLM mean *** Leading Morons'??

Help me out hear.............


Y'all are a crazy been in 60 days and have 21 reps and have made money!!!!


I've been in the franchise for 30 days and I've made money. All of these direct marketing companies work you just have to find the right one for you.

Its been a easy transition and I have been helping people to lower their cellphone,cable,gas,home security,and home phone bills. I have people underneath me and their making money as well. It is not a get rich scam and does not promise it by any means. If your patient and but hard work/time you can be successful.

I have attorneys, nurses,teachers, and police officers doing it and they are making great income.

For the people who have bad things to say about the business maybe did not have success and are bitter or just did not have the great support as I do. I am happy that I stumbled upon this business and my 499.00 investment is really working for me.


As I stated before...The money is in recruiting. Thank you for proving that.


Yikes, get out now while you still can. The longer you are in, the more time, energy, and money you will waste before finally realizing ACN is a scam.

You are not unique. Yes, only a dozen in a million succeed. That means that 999,000 failed, just like you will. It's a numbers game.

ACN wins, and you lose. Is this the business you really wanted to be a part of.


If you want to suksed dont stop overcum adaped its humin natur we are still hear after millions off years do you think nagitivity well kill the humin rase




You're a god damned imbecile


i just joined acn about 3 months ago, got 1 rep under me and both of us are struggling. out of a million people, probably 15 only succeed in acn.

im starting to second guess my decision because now my parents are also noticing my mentors arent helping anymore, nor can i recruit reps or customers without any help whatsoever.

plus, reading most of these blogs, it seems as if acn does come off as being sneaky liars. i dont know what to do anymore.....


You really want to sell a pyramid scheme to people in the army. I wouldn't want a bunch of trained soldiers mad at me because I scammed them and their families out of the money they literally risked thier life for.

You know what, go scam the people at your local YMCA or your family reunion.

Leave our troops alone. They sacrifice enough without having to sacrifice their paychecks to some sleezy ACN SVP.


You guys know I have buddy of mine that was in the military. He joined acn and said most recruiting people benifit from.

I said I don't understand could you explain a little bit more, he said sure. He said he looked at the compensation plan of acn, love it! He said he already has recruiting experience from the army. Yeah.

The more people recruit the better you position yourselves in the army. I said wow. Well would anyone call that a scheme!

Nope! Some things are more favorable in life


The only way ACN could not be considered a pyramid is if EVERY rep who has most recently signed up made no attempt to recruit others, and instead just accumulated customers. Because if it's all about recruiting, it's just a money siphoning pyramid.

But if it is about getting actual customers, then it is a legit Multi-level business.But think about it, how hard would it be for reps to make money by only accumulating residual income off of sales with no TCAB bonus commissions for recruiting? The answer: they'd have to sell hundreds and hundreds of services in order to make a modest income. And that means that ALL the reps at the bottom of the pyramid, which is a HUGE number, would all have to get HUGE amounts of customers, which would be impossible in an oversaturated market. And if they didn't, they'd lose money.

Why would you join ACN as a rep just to lose money? You wouldn't. You'd only join with the idea of recruiting others, which means this is a recruitment driven business, not a product driven business. So that just shows it's a scam.

They can't expect their reps to recruit indefinitely, and they can't expect their reps to make money from selling unrealistic amounts of services. This means that they know this is an impossible business to succeed at unless it is treated as a pyramid scheme, which it is. This is a somewhat complicated concept, and ACN realizes most folks won't figure this out on their own.

Heck, even the FCC hasn't. That's the only reason ACN is still able to legally scam people.


Running your own business and running an MLM are totally different! When you open your own business, you research the market to see if there is a need, and you grow it yourself through hard work and employ new people if you have the income/sales to support them. MLMs can be successful if you're in at the top, but making money through an MLM requires you to earn money from the sales effort of those below you, who in turn are sold into a dream that they can do it too. They don't get paid a wage, so the business "workforce" can exponentially grow regardless of actual business sales, or market demand for the product, and the workforce is required to obtain those sales. So far, sounds similar to running a business, however, they key to making money through an MLM is the required to develop a downline, and this is the only way. Unfortunately this is unsustainable. At some point down the line, the system runs off the rails, with new recruits desaparately trying to get their friends/family onto the service and create their own downlines, and this continues on past the market saturation point of the product. Sounds like this may be occurring in the US if "new recruits" there are now finding the product hard to sell. MLMs eventually collapse under their own weight, and the new recruits at that point are usually the ones who loose out - not ethical at all after being sold the dream to part with that cash (those nearer the top continue too make megabucks!) Just don't say "pyramid"! At who point do you pass the world's population if you continue to multiply 25x5?

Making sales on commission is fine, but making sales on commission, on commission, on commission and on the basis that the system needs new recruits at the bottom line to finance the system is not.

Or, which successful, long-term business (20 yrs or more) has grown through MLM or continuously employs sales reps/workers regardless of sales or market saturation of their product?

People who say MLMs are a great way to run a business are not able to/or do not wish to grow a business the traditional and ethical way.


Danny, it is pretty clear that you have no understanding of ACN or network marketing. Sorry, you just sound foolish.


Too bad ACN is so overly complicated and so hard to ever become even remotely successful at. Because that hides the fact that ACN is a flawed business based on one, simple fact: attrition.

You will lose most of the customers that you sign up. And since you only make money on the customers below you, you must continually replenish the ones you lost. And why do you lose them? Because people die, go to jail, lose their job, quit ACN, switch service providers, disappear, move out of state, lose their good credit, and forget to pay their bills.

So from the moment, you sign a customer up until the day they die, it just takes ONE of the previous reasons for you to not get paid. What ACN does is have you sign these people up, then they get paid on the commission immediately while you get nothing.

Then by the time you would've actually started accumulating residual income, most of your original customers are gone and you have to start over!

And this isn't even addressing what happens to the reps you get signed up or how difficult MLM recruiting is in the first place. But let me tell you, it's a losing battle there as well!

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